Coincidence Or Marketing Campaign?

Discussion in 'General' started by crazy barstool, May 31, 2013.

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    Last night I was walking home at around 2 am, after smoking two joints so I was kinda baked when I saw a poster for that new movie, The Purge, on the side of a phone box, I stopped for a minute to read it, and when I stopped in front of it about 10 seconds or so later the street light behind it went dim, I brushed it off as a coincidence then carried on walking home, as soon as I started walking someone else came walking around the corner of the building in front of me and scared me half to death because I wasn't expecting it.
    So I've been thinking, do you think it is just a big coincidence with the street light and the random person walking past at that exact time. (Baring in mind where I live, at 2 am in the morning it is almost guaranteed you wont be walking past anyone on the street)
    The 'story line' of the film kind of makes me think it was a marketing campaign, the 'One night a year, all crime is legal' thing, If it wasn't it sure as hell should be, it made me want to go and watch the film after nearly having a heart attack and adrenaline rush like that.
    TL;DR - Saw a horror movie poster, street light dimmed and random person walked out of nowhere like I was in a horror movie. Coincidence or purposefully done Marketing Campaign?

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    Good weed + stoned as hell = definitely coincedence
  3. youuuu are tripping. 
  4. This. 
    Haha that movie looks pretty crazy, can't wait to see it
  5. it's a sign...
    youre gonna die.
    or maybe its a sign to watch the movie.
    or maybe its a coincidence.

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