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Coin in Grinder?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ktoke, Oct 24, 2014.

  1. I have a 4 piece small Chromium Crusher, and I was thinking of sticking a coin in there. Only thing is I can only find Quarters. Will it be too big? Can I use a guitar pick?
  2. I would recommend a CLEAN dime only.  kiefs your screen the best.
  3. I'm actually sterilizing a few different size coins now, I'm just not sure what size
  4. TLDR --- do it.
  5. Quarter is cool. I use a nickel in mine.
  6. i don't even have a 4 piece grinder right now, just had an idea for them the other day and tried it out.
    I took a penny and pounded it out to about an inch long with most of the shape remaining, then filed the pounded edge so it could pick up kief.  
    I think this would work great, I used to keep a nickel in my old grinder.
  7. Not that anyone gives a shit but did you know "defacing currency" is illegal :eek:
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    no it's not 
    edit- in certain circumstances yes. 
  9. The law:
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    Can I melt, drill holes through, or mutilate U.S. coins?
    Maybe.  It is a violation of 18 U.S.C. § 331 to alter a U.S. or foreign coin with the intent to defraud.  The United States Mint cannot issue interpretations of criminal statutes such as this, which fall within the jurisdiction of the U.S. Department of Justice.  Furthermore, 31 C.F.R. Part 82 states that no person shall export, melt or treat any 5-cent coin or one-cent coin of the United States.  However, there are a few exceptions such as for novelty, amusement, educational, jewelry and similar purposes.  Your business should consult with an attorney to ensure it does not run afoul of these laws before melting or mutilating U.S. coins.
    this is what i've seen, i do believe the section you'e quoted is on bills.
    So you guys have never seen a penny press?
    Not just bills:
    Penny press doesn't fall under the law (neither does what Kush cookies did either) from what I can see:
  12. Im not to clued up on American laws but i guess the inventor/owner of these machines would contact your federal reserve to see if these are ok for production, thats what i got from the last line of that act/bill or law whatever you guys call them.
  13. Its a god damn penny y'all gotta chill
  14. Those machines you put money into have been around for ages and are still in theme parks today. I don't think hammering a bloody penny counts as federal reserve note mutilation..
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    Nobody seriously suggested anyone would ever get in trouble for it...
    I was just saying that there *is* a law against money defamation (which as I understand it, if you take $1000 from someone and burn it, you would be charged with not only stealing the money, but defamation because your intent was to prevent that person from using the money - which like I said isn't really applicable here).
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    Two things I hate: pennies and backyards. Pennies cost more to make than what they are worth therefore creating more fucking debt and backyards waste millions of gallons of water worldwide.....when they could just be made with another specie of grass or any other plant that requires less than half the water to live and thrive. Whatever.....dont do the coin thing, I feel like eventually your screen will break.
  17. I threw pennies around in my back yard in a big circle to keep the slugs away from where I sit and hang out ^_^

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  18. jajajajajaajaja
    classic that made me laugh my ass off. I love backyards man but they should be filled with plants that dont need alot of water rather than grass that needs to be watered multiple times a day. 
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    thread is on it's way to a good ol hi-jacking lol

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