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  1. Hey guys,

    My buddy came over the other day with a nice zip up container that had all the coil building necessities in it. There was a spot for everything from ohm reader to coil jigs to tweezers pliers the whole nine yards. He works at a vape shop in a town about an hour away. Currently out of a car and not trying to make the journey so I was wondering if anybody had any ideas where I might be able to find such products online?


    Something along these lines, portable and spot for everything. This one was for around $50 so any other options maybe cheaper? Also this was found on ebay so even the same product with a different website that doesn't involve bidding would be nice. I would look at fasttech but I'm not a huge fan of waiting for a month or two.

    Also I guess while I'm here can anybody school me on batteries? My mods all take 18650 but I've heard there are differences in brands? My batteries are like only a few months old and getting towards the end of their life so I feel like I must've bought some shitty batteries to begin with.
  2. as for batteries this is mooch's recommended batteries so far.

    ok the forum wouldnt put up the link I posted, but all I did was go to amazon, search "vape build kits" and theres a few to choose from.
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  3. ebay. i payed like $20-$30 i cant remember it was a while ago but yes the coil master

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