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Coffeeshop prices Amsterdam *menu*

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ProfessorX, Mar 1, 2009.

  1. Sometimes I see threads about people who are going to Amsterdam.
    For those who are wondering this is the list of one coffeeshop, and in my opinion one of the best three here!

    The prices from The Dampkring in Amsterdam;

    Hawain Haze @ 12,00
    Nevill's Haze @ 12,00
    Mako Haze @ 12,00
    Cheese @ 11,00
    Ocean's 12 Haze @ 11,00
    Tasman Haze @ 11,00
    Amnesia Haze @ 11,00
    Super Silver Haze @ 10,50
    John Sinclair @ 10,50
    L.A. Confidential @10,00
    NYC Diesel @ 10,00
    Cherry Bomb @ 8,50
    Love Potion @ 8,50
    Amnesia Skunk @ 8,00
    Lavender @ 8,00
    Bubble gum @ 8,00
    White Russian @ 7,50
    Jack Herrer @ 7,00
    Power Plant @ 7,00
    Laughing Buddha @ 6,50
    Thai @ 5,00

    Remember that all prices are in euro's, and per gram.

  2. all of those strains are bomb, definatly worth the price.
    alot of coffee shops have been closing though.
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    Nice man, i was in the dampkring last monday, i have to agree with u dampkring is one off my favorite shops. Cheaper than Barney's and the greenhouse aswell. I love the 2de kamer also and theyr buds and prices are the same.

    The Laughing bhudda was excellent although being practically the cheapest on the menu. I also bought some Sour stella, Super silver haze and Some hash off wich i can't remember the name. All were dank ass fuck, these were all bought in the new dampkring. Very nice shop, cool old guy behind the counter too. Professor X, im' sure u know him, he often holds up at the tweede kamer too.

    Wen't to the old dampkring too, bought some Waterworks hash (wich i haven't tasted yet). And in the 2de Kamer i bought the excellent Ocean's twelve haze.

    U'r so lucky to live in Amsterdam man, ok it'zs only a 2,5 hour drive for me but still.

    O yeah, i'll be making a thread with loads off pics from the stuff i bought in Amsterdam so keep an eye open.

    Edit: Cheese was only 8 or 8.5 when i was there, a friend off mine bought some. Excellent earthy taste and smell, and the dude wrote Kaas on the baggy.
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    hahaha that's funny he wrote KAAS on the bag =P
    That older man who works there is always behind the counter, he doesn't do anything else.. do you mean him? He's cool :D If I need weed he let me take the nuggets I want out that plastic box :D

    Yeah I know, It's a long way to belgium.. I'm in Antwerp right now, Almost every weekend.. :D It's one hour and 45 minutes from Amsterdam-Antwerp with the train, saves alot of parking trouble, because you can't park in antwerp, and you can't park in amsterdam where you want, unless you are willing to pay 10euro's/hour for parkingspace -_-''

    I Saw another thread you opened and you visited.. lemme think.. I thought it was Tilburg but I'm not sure! Toermalijn is the only shop there with some decent weed.

    Anyways, I'm looking out for your thread.

    Keep on tokin' GC:smoke:

    EDIT: Didn't knew the 2e Kamer also sold Ocean's12 haze, I thought they only sold that at De Dampkring, since a scene of Ocean's 12 (movie) was shot in that coffeeshop.
  5. Thanks professor this is getting me more and more excited for my amsterdam trip in 17 days!
  6. And that's just the list of one of the few hundred coffeeshops! :D
  7. ive read that the 5.00 thai is really just some shity mids. you try it?
  8. Thai is some fucked up outdoor brown weed, even in amsterdam.
    Don't buy thai or jamaican or stuff like that.. if you spend 6euro's you get some lovely loaded with THC indoors.. But I'm a spoiled bitch when it comes to weed.. Mostly I buy BlueCheese or some nice haze for 10+euro's a gram ;)

  9. Yeah that's the guy i meant, well i think it is anyway. Grey hair, old dude, very funny.

    Antwerp, nice, i'm in Gent don't know if u've been there before but it's a great city. Very relaxed towards weed, u can smoke in almost all the party locations. Parking space is ridiculously expensive, but a friend off mine has an aunt who lives inb the Zeeburg wijk in Amsterdam and we usually park there, it's much cheaper.

    Toermalijn rocks, very good shop. I had good weed from the Muze aswell, The grass company sucks though. Overpriced and not so decent quality, they do have a nice bar but that's about it.

    About the Ocean's 12 Haze, i'm quite sure i bought it at the 2de kamer but not 100%, u know how it's like when u come home from an Amsterdam visit:D
    Tons off baggies and only vague memories off the day. I think though that the menu's in Dampkring and 2de kamer are identical, also the Ocean's twelve haze.

    Have a good one man, nice to see folks from around here on the forum.
  10. I know Ghent, I have some relatives in Lovendegem =)
    Yeah I know how it is here, sometimes on a saturday evening I have somany bags with me that I don't know which one I purchased at a certain coffeeshops.. doesn't matter after all, at the end of the evening it's all gone:D
    Yeah I think I know which guy you're talking about, he's the only ''old'' one there :p

    De Muze is also a good coffeeshop, was in Tilburg a few weeks ago and bought me some delicious Kush there!:D
  11. Wow, coffeeshop prices certainly win over MMJ Dispensary prices. Even with the exchange rate.

    (Right now the One Euro is $1.26 USD. So a 10 Euro price = $12.66 USD)

    I can get some really awesome LA Confidential for $19/gram (before taxes). The menu at the top has it for $12.66/gram.

    But then again, I guess that extra dollars goes to living in California!
  12. Yeah, and all weed that is 7+ euro is dank as fuck! They don't have ''schwag'' and ''mids'' or however you call it at the coffeeshops, unless you buy outdoor weed, but who does that when there in amsterdam.. :p
  13. Yeah, I know, and I'm a Medical Patient in California, so I can really compare apples to apples.
  14. Im Amsterdam are all the coffee shops in "bad" areas?
    Are they in the bad parts of town, or are they just everywhere for everyone to enjoy and love? :yay:
  15. not everyone, but the best one are in the red light district, the neighboorhood at the central station!
  16. Thanks bro, There is a slight chance my family will go this summer.

    They're pumped to see the Anne Frank Museum, I'm pumped to smoke the best strains of Cannabis i've ever smoked
  17. id love to take a trip there, all around europe.

  18. To be sure - however, for those who have sampled both the Amsterdam and Californian varietals, the people that I've talked to who have done bother say California's got better strains these days.

    Hmm...good idea for a thread.

  19. U'r forgetting Belgium my friend, were getteing some very decent buds around here too. I can't quite compare with cali as i haven't smoked any weed from there yet but i have been to many dutch coffeeshops.
    And i can honestly say that alot off the buds we get here can rival the stuff that's 2 or 3 €/gr. more expensive in the coffeeshops.
    We might not get all the varieties u'r getting in cali but we're only an hour's drive way from the nearest shops.

    I'd say were pretty spoiled around here.

    U should take a look at my manificent bud thread, it has pictures in it off all my recent pick-ups. See how it compares to the Cali stuff. I think it's much cheaper here than in cali too.
  20. Dutch people are indeed spoiled when it comes down to weed, so are belgium people since they also can enter the coffeeshops without any problems. At least, for now, their planning to only give Dutch people access to the coffeeshops in a few years.. wonder how that one works out :confused:

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