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Share your feeling about the wonderful, wonderful addictive eye opening wonder

  1. Coffee!! You can sleep while you're dead!

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  2. Ill pass on the joe

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  3. sometimes.....but not everyday

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  4. Gimme the damn grinds already!!!!

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  1. well its a lil after 8, Im up and no one is up to make any coffee around this joint. Im to lazy, so rather than make it, Ill just sit here and talk about it. hell lets have a poll to..

    i hope someone gets up soon so I dont have to eat the grinds again..
  2. ahhh, my favorite of all the caffinated beverages. wish i had some :(

    i drink way too much coffee, which the doctor keeps telling me is bad for me. what the hell do they know anyway? on average, i drink a pot a day. and i still sleep like a baby! ha ha ha
  3. Red Bull!!!!

    Coffee is ok, but I don't like hot drinks much.... it's summer.

    Ice cold Red Bull!
  4. I live off coffee, but anymore, I think my cup of coffee contains more sugar and cream than anything else.
  5. I think coffee is gross. I have never liked it. I hate to wake up to the smell...UGH!!!! I get the heebie jeebies just thinking about it! I'm cool with tea, though.

    I mostly just drink water or juice. However, until they stopped selling it here, I was addicted to Surge. I never slept!
  6. What's Surge?

    Is that one of those high caffeine drinks, with taurene and stuff in it??

    We have Red Bull in England, and some people think it should have a minimum age :D haha
  7. no surge is a product by cocacola I believe..its basically their verson of mountain dew..its just sody pop...its been around this neck ofthe woods for about half a decade now...Its ok..I havent drank it since it firs came out..just wasnt my thing..

    as for coffee..I LOVE it....the ice cream man's facvorite flavor is coffee!...although..on the other is terrible for the body, hence the need to abstain from it occassionally..but hey, thats a good thing to do with any drug..

    many a night have I sat in my kitchen staring at mym coffee maker thinking how cool it was that this drug machine was so widely used..imagiuine if in another universe insteadof coffee makers they had machines that spit out crystal meth in the morning?....its kind of funny how some drugs are so horribly discriminated against..then those same people trn around and pour themseleves a nice cup of coffee...well I say KILL THE POPO!
  8. coffee is a fine fine beverage.........what the hell does that red bull taste like?
  9. it tastes really citrousy... kind of like a ghetto 7up or mountain dew...with a funky aftertaste
  10. yeah kill the POPO, a crystal meth machine would be the shit, i'd be so hooked on it if there was one. I don't drink so much coffee anymore because its summer. Durning the school year i'll drink a cup or two (ok just one really big one) in the morning on the school bus. On my one school bus i had to ride into a school for dopers, we couldn't bring coffee or any other liquids because someone (possible me) started drinking faygo with rum and moon shine every morning instead.

    I was going to try red bull but never did. Ahhh i'd rather not i just drink Tea!
  11. Fuck red bull you want PRO PLUS... that shit gets you wired. AND the water you use to swallow it doesn't taste of shit.
  12. ehh fuck pills man...that gas station ephedra is bad bull is almost crossing the line..but i still enjoy the ocassional redbull + vodka....
  13. cough*CODINE CONSTIPATION*cough
  14. coffee is good if it's a cafe mocha on occasion or something, but it tears my stomach up and i can't drink caffiene on an empty stomach in the morning...

    i'll stick with my herbal tea thank ya!
    if i need my caffiene fix, i'll drink down that RED BULL or maybe even ROCK STAR, twice the size and tweeks ya like crank sometimes, holy shit my whole body is ALIVE!

    *woo* that rock star will get you up and going if you're sensitive to caffiene like me!

    i make a mean cup of joe, but i don't drink it much. i was addicted to it, 7-10 cups a day, and then when i was without for a week i had headaches SO BAD i knew it wasn't good so i quit.


  15. got a cold switch?
  16. ah thank god! yum yummy yummy coffee ready and in my tummy. I love it. love it love it. yes. ill take it black Ill take it with a cat in a hat. Ill take it milky, pour it down my throat so silky. Ill take it in a can or in my hand. no thanks on the sweet n low..ill take it without on the go. oh my bittere bitter drink, how i love you so.
  17. mmmmm i luv a hot cup of coffee in the morn. but my fav is coffee and kahlua! sweet baby sweet!
  18. hmm..i was gonna say soemthin..but then i read through the rest of them...and forgot.......

    oh yeah..did you know a coffee maker doesnt have a pump in it?!?! imagine figuring that out while you are high!!
  19. Ahhhh the luxurious aroma of fresh ground coffee, espicially when you are high and sitting in the grocery store listening to the machine grind away. I could eat it with a spoon like ice cream.
  20. mmmm coffee ice cream. shoulda added that to the poll...its one of my favorite flavors! :D

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