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  1. So since I've been home from college for my last summer vacation ive been drinking a shit ton of coffee. My mom bought these like teabags of Folgers coffee and all you need to do it put it in the microwave for 2 minutes and its done. Anyone else addicted to coffee right now?

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  2. No but I am addicted to soda.

    Sugar + Caffiene = fuckyeah
  3. Coffee is FUN. : D
  4. ^ awesome saltshaker
  5. I drink iced coffee allll day. Coffee + cigarettes keeps my stomach full all day so I don't eat a lot.
  6. I love coffee, straight up black, thank you.:D

    I drink on average 3 pots of coffee a day, from morning 'til night.:smoke:

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  7. yee
    im fuckin addicted to that shit right now it sucks
    if i dont get a cup i get a migraine
    then when i get my cup it goes away in like 5minutes
    3 days coffee clean
    lets see how long i make it
    less addicting then weed
    almost as bad as cigs
  8. I rarely drink it but I love it. Just too lazy to make it and instant coffee tastes like ass
  9. I've never really liked coffee. I love the smell of it though ;)
  10. mmm I get my venti iced coffee blackeye(w/two shots espresso) every morning. That plus my cannabis hangover (the pleasurably relxed counterpart to being sickly hungover) is a great way to start the day. very alert, no jitters. top that 5 hour energy
  11. ugh I hate when I do this. Sometimes this combo backfires on me and makes me kind of nauseous and tired. Idk why.
  12. Always have my cup of coffee when I enjoy my morning blaze sessions
  13. Weed + Coffee = Productive day
  14. Coffee = Nectar of the Gods

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