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Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by KingGanja, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. so i saw/read/heard about weed coffee a lot
    and none of the forums i read confirmed if it worked
    So, i decided to try it and it worked (sorry i didn't take pics, i didn't think it would work)
    the first time i just put about a gram into my coffee maker and i didn't get high
    the second time i boiled some 2% milk, about a cup, and added somewhere around a gram
    then i waited a while (30 minutes, so it could steep in) and i strained out the weed
    then i brewed some coffee and added the milk, and i drank it
    and it did work and was SWEEET, because i was drinking it at a party,
    and i even shared it with this girl i hang out with, and we were both pretty well stoned
    and no one even knew what we were doing :p, we didn't even have to smoke :smoke:
  2. interesting, would that get you stoned quicker because it does not have to go through the same digestive process as weed baked into food?
  3. sounds really dank, i would definitely want to try that sometime. how did the high differ from smoking highs?
  4. well i didn't get any cotton mouth or coughing which was nice
    and eating/drinking weed i a much different trip, i had very vivid visions,
    and i thought that the walls at the party had melted, but then i noticed i went outside:rolleyes:
  5. how much coffee did you brew? ie coffee/milk ratio
  6. not a bad idea. it would be nice for other ppl to try and confirm this
  7. #7 barfdog17, Feb 16, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 16, 2009
    sounds like i need to get me a latte machine, or a sugar dispensar full of hash...

    i wonder if I could just drop half a gram of hash in a latte from peets? it's damn hot and is made of half milk...
  8. well i mixed the 1 cup of milk with about 2-3 cups of coffee, and it was good for 2 people
  9. dispenser of hash, yeah i wish i had 1 too :D
    and I actually just dropped like 1.5 grams of dank into a Starbucks latte
    i asked for extra milk and for it to be extra hot so hopefully it'll work
    I'm walking home from another party with my brother now drinking it (ill post if it works)

    if you were wondering I'm on my friends (who is also with me) iPhone
    and also my friend isnt drinking any so it's just between 2 people again
    took forever to type on the iPhone lolz

  10. hopefully it does, because living on a college campus sucks when you have to smoke it. this could be a godsend
  11. I personally prefer a nice bowl to go along with my steamy cup of coffee :smoke:
  12. #12 KingGanja, Feb 16, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 16, 2009
    ok, so i just got back from the party 12:35 am for me, lolz :D
    and i have to say, we must have looked weird, just imagine,
    3 kids, 2 practically holding the other one up (my brother had never done weed before) and laughing, a cop looked at us and I'm surprised he didn't stop
    3 kids, one 18 (my brother), one 18 (me), and one 16 (my friend) looking like that, lolz
    anyway, it worked well obviously, my brother wont shut up, he's still laughing

    but, when we were drinking it, the last little bit of the latte had all the weed in it (we didnt know if we should drink it or toss it)
    We ended up both trying to drink it and he said it was horrible, but i drank it anyway and it tasted Way bad.

    and i was pretty well stoned before drinking the last bit, so you don't have to.
    Also that latte tasted WAY good,
    probably because half way through drinking it i was stoned (it took us like an hour to drink)
  13. So basicaly boiling weed with milk means that you can make super coffee.
  14. well i just had a weed latte, and 2 nice bong rips
    so, i think that's the best of both worlds:D
  15. i don't know about super coffee, but it was really good
    and the best thing is if u drink it realllly slow, you'll be stoned halfway through drinking it, and it'll taste amazing :D
  16. Man this is really making me wanna try it. How long did the high last? The first chance I get Im going to get ripped off of coffee lol.
  17. did you just get a regular cafe latte? i work at starbucks and am thinkin about tryin this out next time i work, but i'm gunna steam up some whole milk extra hot for a tall size (10oz), put some honeys in it along with 2.5g finely ground mid in a teabag.

    this should work right? i could even add like a small bit of butter to my latte just to get the fat content up higher if i wanted
  18. You have to be 18 or older to use this site. If you admit your younger then 18 your at risk of getting banned,
    Just letting you know:wave:
  19. i do weed lulz

    oh btw, you don't trip off the budz ;)
  20. Ok but this has to be a double edge sword, as caffine definatly sobers you up.

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