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    Who else loves coffee? I don't drink it every day, but I did at one point. I love coffee. Not fast food coffee... real coffee beans ground up and brewed mmm... 100% Columbian is my favorite. I drink it black usually, but I also will add creamer from time to time.. or almond milk.. or honey. Mmm... honey is an excellent natural sweetener for your coffee. I don't mess with artificial sweetener.  It is one of my goals to one day visit Columbia and go to a Coffee plantation.. I heard the Coffee there is strong.
    It compliments weed well, and cigarettes too if you're a tobacco smoker. It's full of antioxidants. And the stunting your growth thing is a myth. Coffee is excellent for you. It is a natural laxative as well. So if you're not a coffee drinker, watch out if you have big cup right before a business meeting.
    Any other blades love coffee? 

  2. Ah, coffee. I really like coffee. Unfortunately these days it always gives me a headache so I haven't had any in a long time. :(
    I guess I could try decaf...
  3. yeah i love coffee and i love trying different beans. i always drink it black.
  4. I drink coffee probably 3 times a day everyday, usually black but sometimes I'll use a little cream and sugar. 
    I love to have a cup of coffee and smoke a bowl.
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    Barista here. I, well, I guess you could say I love coffee. I love it the same way I love life, like the way I love my car, like the way I loved riding a motorcycle before I had to total it out due to being hit by two soccer moms in one summer, the way I love a girl that's gonna work to keep me.Drink it daily, read about it hourly, dream about it nightly, and plan to open my own red district coffee shop once it's possible. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  6. I love coffee. I drink 3-4 cups a day. Fresh ground coffee and I have to agree Columbian is my favourite as well. A good cup of coffee and a doob to get my day started.Sent from my HTC One using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  7. Fuck yeah. My columbian in the morning, so delicious. Glad to see others agree about the columbian.
  8. I usually drink 2 cups in the morning. It's just kind of always been part of my routine.
  9. A day started without coffee is a sad day indeed. I usually try to make at least my first cup with the Aeropress. If I am in a rush its what ever by the keurig.
  10. 2-4 cups every day. On Fridays I go to Starbucks and get a Caramel Macchiato with 5 extra shots :)

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  11. Yesssssss I love coffee. Only dark and extra bold.

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  12. 5 extra shots? Holy shit. One extra shot and I'm sweating dude..

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  13. Ever since I've been off adderall (rx) it takes major caffeine to get me anywhere. :/

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  14. I respectfully decline.

  15. Guys, its fucking COLOMBIA not columbia
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  16. Coffee that is freshly roasted (under a week) has tremendous healing and spiritual effects to which scientists have yet to discover. Try to roast your own beans because anything store bought has been aged for a long time on the shelf and it is dead. Live coffee is hard to find but its worth it. Anyone know where to buy fresh, green coffee seeds? Yes they r seeds not beans ;)

  17. I always have a cup when I wake up.
  18. Love coffee. Great for keeping focus.

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  19. I absolutely love coffee. I grew up around coffee lovers as well  :D A close family friend of ours when I was growing up was an inventor who made high end coffee and espresso machines. I'd go to their house when I was like 16 all the time and drink all the coffees from around the world that the guy had in his pantry. It was awesome. 
    Also, my mom is good friends with a family in Guatemala who owns the coffee plantation that won the Cup of Excellence (look it up, it's like a competition for coffee) a few years back and they just give us free coffee by the bag all the time. 
    Like many on this thread, I really enjoy a cup of black coffee to accompany a nice bowl or two in the morning  :smoke:
    Side question: Does anyone else like a cup of coffee before bed? I've always had a routine of drinking a hot drink before bed so that may be why I like it so much but I was just wondering if anyone else felt the same way. 
  20. My woman bitches if I make coffee after 6:00pm
    Im whipped.

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