Coffee+Weed= no fun

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  1. So this morning at about 6 A.M a smoked some grass from the yard of heaven and about 15 minutes later i drunk a starbucks coffee. I hated it. It felt like i was energetic and tired at the same time, as if my energy was trapped inside my body. Just sharing an experience. Please share if you've had one similar, cuz i'm sure you have.
  2. i love caffeine and weed. it helps get rid of the lethargy i normally get from smoking.
  3. coffee + weed = my favorite way to start the day!
  4. The problem is probably shitty Starbucks coffee.

    But in all seriousness, I like taking a few puffs and after a while have a sip of coffee. I hate the tired feeling after smoking.
  5. A good coffee is perfect with a joint or bowl in the morning. Focused highs FTW
  6. i love coffee and bud. But i tend to dink the coffee a bit to fast and it seems to burn a little lol. i have to pace myself.
  7. I've smoked and drank a red bull. I didn't like it. I didn't really feel high anymore.
  8. weed + yerba mate is the bombest, if you dont like the jitters when your high hahahahaha
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  10. Fo' Sho!

    Yerba Mate > Coffee
  11. Yeah, me too. I can smoke and when I start feeling tired and lazy drank a coffee but when I drank it right after smoking I don't like the feeling.
  12. Dude I've gotten the exact same energy trapped in body feeling, like you wanna bust out of your skin all of a sudden or somethin
  13. Coffee+blunt=best wake and bake evar
  14. i hate coffee, i prefer a nice cup of green tea if you didnt know
  15. Coffee and weed is a superb combination

    It's the poor man's speedball
  16. I drink my fair amount of coffee because I actually enjoy it as a beverage(black baby). But if it's energy I'm after red bull does me better :p
  17. The closest I've been to this is taking an adderall and then smoking. I was studying earlier and when I finished I decided to toke up. Worst decision, it took hours to wear off and wasn't too much of a fun high.
  18. Green Tea is also bomb. My normal routine is to drink a fatty mug of coffee in the morning and then cups of green tea throughout the day.

    Yerba Mate shouldn't be overlooked either. Caffiene for the win!:D
  19. love cracking open a can of red bull or having a coffee and smoking.

    rids me of my lethargy or tiredness.:smoke:
  20. coffee then weed is a good feeling for me
    weed then coffee kills the high

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