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  1. I've been drinking coffee for five years. Recently my gf got a nice legit tea set, cast iron and actual teas. it's pretty good and I've been thinking of dropping coffee for tea healthier at least. Anyways just wondering what you prefer, coffee.or tea?
  2. I'm an Englishman through to my core.

    But if given the choice between the two, I'd choose coffee every time. That's why I was exiled to Australia. :(
  3. I love coffee. I want to get a good press to try.

    I like tea, but not as much. But, I've never had good tea. Just the garbage packs you find at supermarkets.
  4. Tea baby, I have a solid rotation of 9 different kinds.
  5. I've been drinking coffee since I was literally 2 years old. I'm drinking a cup right now.
  6. Tea = properly cured bud.

    Coffee = foul tasting liquid cocaine.
  7. usually only use coffee for it's stimulant reasons ,I find that tea doesn't have that kick like coffee does.
  8. Coffee gives me the jitters. But a nice cup of tea is superb and doesn't make me feel like Im on speed. Now I wanna make a cup of Chai tea when I get back from lunch. Mmmm

    Oh yea and coffee makes me go #2 real bad. Like almost instantly upon drinking, guess its a good cleanser lol.
  9. Tea > coffee
  10. Drinking green tea and smoking a bowl while watching a documentary on marijuana = most relaxing night ever
  11. Green tea is I'm point brother.
  12. I like coffee but Its the best when i buy from places, I think i need some expensive grinder and proper tools at home. Just got a normal coffee pot noa
  13. I'd choose coffee every time.
  14. coffee for the morning, tea for the rest of the day.

    helps me poop.
  15. Can't beat a coffee and a joint first thing In the morning :D
  16. No preference.
    I have times I feel like coffee, some others I feel like tea.
    I never much pay attention to when and why though.

    I like macchiato, I like Earl Grey.
  17. tea over coffee, but when I make my tea, I fill about 1/8th the cup of cofffee. it brings out the tea taste :p

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