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  1. I can't even think about this right now.....:smoke::smoke::smoke: But coffee.....right now, best 10 dollar bag of coffee is dunkin donuts. I french press it, a splash of 1% milk, (Coffee snobs hate milk in coffee)and after two of those I'm good to go.


    Talk amongst yourselves.....

  2. How bout them lakers?
  3. lakers and dunkin donuts...fuck yeah...
  4. I'm sure the lakers all drink coffee. Doesn't everyone?
  5. i love coffee i have some everyday. if the lakers drank coffee they would drink the best of the best cuz they're all rich. i'm an old fashioned folgers guy.
  6. I'm more of a tea man, but I agree with you that Dunkin Donuts coffee is the best. Much better than Starbucks, which all my friends love, and also half the cost. I also like original Maxwell House, it has a really nice flavor.
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    What the fuck? :confused:
  8. I got a little dunkin donuts coffee going right now. Right this moment.

    I've come to realize that Starbucks coffee just isn't that good, it's all bitter, but the Morning Joe is actually decent.

    Also, Ravens Brew is super good, I got it in Alaska when I was there, not sure if you can get it in the lower 48 states besides mail ordering. So good though.... everyone should check it out.

    And now the coffee has caused a stir in my own lower 48......
  9. Kicking Horse coffee is amazing! Roasted in Canada. I don't think it's available in the US, but it's far superior to any major brand! Also french press is the only way to brew a decent cup of coffee in my opinion. I love the grittiness of it.
  10. I get Market District french vanilla decaf from Giant Eagle. I also have a bag of Godiva.
  11. I see you can actually get kicking horse at Pavillions out here in Cali. Might have to try it.
  12. This is my machine:

    It grinds, tamps, and brews espresso or coffee. It also cleans and decalcifies itself :cool:

    These are the beans:


    Torrefazione Settebello (Italian Roast)
  13. I just drink the store brand french vanilla kind...always put it over ice, and flavored creamer. Got some pumpkin spice creamer a few weeks ago, but I'm over it.
  14. Just got a keurig a while back, some really good options, emerils line are great, drinkin green mountain sumatran now
    Take it blk no cream no sugs

    But i do have a bottle of cinnabon creamer which is ridiculously good, had it prolly 2mnths and bout half left

  15. Absolutely beautiful!
  16. Coffee all the way with New York Cheese cake Krispy Kreme donuts.
  17. cheesecake kk donuts!?
    I think i just came, why havnt i had a cpl hundred dozens of these yet?
  18. The best coffee ever is Blue Mountain Coffee from Jamaica. Its grown in the blue mountains in Jamaica 3000+ feet above sea level in very rich soil with a climate that coincides making it perfect growing conditions for coffee beans and weed. I would definitely recommend finding some online and trying it out you won't be disappointed. Plus you are supporting a strong MJ culture so its a win win. Other than that, Seattle Best is good followed by Dunking Donuts. Man I love Blue mountain coffee...can't wait to get some more as my stocking stuffer.
  19. Green Mountain Imported is what I drink. Usually Hazelnut or French Vanilla.

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