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coffee shops in toronto

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by jpotter420, May 24, 2006.

  1. i hear thers coffee shops in toronto, where u can like smoke and shit. i go up to toronto every now and then since i got family up there and was wonderin where in toronto theyre located in. i kno of two, ones called like london and the other i forgot. info on them would gratefully appreciated
  2. You could of just done research on them but I know that sounds crazy so here:

    There are many coffee shops all over Canada which are actualy COFFEE shops but also "allow" the smoking of marijuana. Technically this is illegal but the laws and those that enforce them are so relaxed that it kind of slips through. This is especially present in Vancouver where I've heard of cafe's with a Volcano at every table. The difference between these cafe's and those in Amsterdam is that they don't technically sell bud. Some may sell it under the counter and if not there's plenty of friendly dealers just outside the door.

    Just be smart about it, as long as you're not some dumb poser you'll have a great time anywhere in Canada. Or anywhere that's not the U.S.
  3. There are several coffee shops in Toronto.

    I'm not always in the city, but when I am, I make a point of visiting them.

    There is only one open public coffee shop that i know of. There are several which are very low-key not advritised.

    It's all BYOP (bring your own pot), and they don't tolerate other illicite drugs. They can be pretty pricey too, you need to order something to be able to hang out, but it's such a positive and chill atmosphere it is entirley worth it.

    There is one just a couple minutes walk from my place.

    Here is the link: the infamous 'Hot Box Cafe'

    You can still technically be nabbed here, and for posession, but i've never heard of it in my life.
  4. thats fuckin awesome
  5. That's it, I'm moving to Canada after Rutgers.
  6. this is exactly what i was about to say untill i saw you posted it. I've been to the Hot Box Cafe about 5 times, its a really nice place to chill if your downtown in the area, i prefer the safety of my own house to smoke though. I highly recomend it for anyone new to Toronto.
    OH! and don't ask for pot from the people that work there, i've heard that they've had a cop in the back, any for anyone who tries to to buy....booked...
    happy smokinggg
  7. From what I've heard the best BYOP cafe's are still on... Vancouver Island. Correct me if I'm wrong, because I could be very wrong. Mainly seeing as how stoned I am. It's easy to be wrong when you're very very stoned. You see. And maybe, this makes only sense to me. Stoned is what we all should be. And laughing like so: "HeeHee..."
  8. Well any BYOP cafe is cool with me, anywhere people can get together and chill with some green is cool with me, but ya all of BC is pretty lax on the MJ but it IS still illegal there

  9. Yeah man. asking/buying/fishing is a big negative.

    Strict BYOP. So they can maintain the legitimacy of an actual cafe.

    But they're not asshole. If you pass it, the clerk won't turn it down ;) .

    Also, to anybody coming in from out of town: The area it is in, is amazing. It's got all these cool little resturants, markets, second-hand stores, vintage stores. Kesington Market; it's awesome!

    EDIT: yeah it's still illegal. I see people smoking up all the time in the cities. If you're at a pub on the patio, it's not rare to see somebody light a joint. It's culturally accept. It's simply a legality.

    If I'm in the city all week, i'll probably see 2-4 people light up randomly on main streets, on patios, in front of business, in parks all around the city. I don't want to say the cops don't care, that wouldn't be true. There isn't the instant horrid criminality as there is in the US.
  10. lol... no, cafes like that do not exist. There are a few, very few, coffeeshops that you can smoke in and there are one or two with a volcano you can use for $5....but none with volcanoes everywhere.
  11. so there arent any coffee shops in toronto where u can like buy bud and smoke out of bongs and shit in the coffee shops. like u kno the ones in amsterdam.... i mean i thought there where coffee shops like those in TORONTO, and no i dont need anymore info on vancouver coffeeshops, just the ones in toronto so i can go up there sometime and check it out.
  12. There are.

    But i'm not saying any more than that.

    Good luck.
  13. Moved to seasoned tokers?
  14. I love that link to the hot box cafe site...'hemployees'...thats freakin classic!! I wish there were cafes like that in Scotland! Annoyingly, I was in the T.O 2 years ago and I had no idea shit like this existed!!

    EDIT: I was just lookin at that link again and made a decision...I going back to Toronto this year! I'm probably gonna go Aug/Sep time. Can't wait!!
  15. Give a shout out to us Toronto members.

    We should just plan a day to show up at the HOT BOX and we'll make a GC party of it.... of course it won't be called that for legal reasons.
  16. Will do bro! Thats a really sweet idea...I'll look forward to it!
  17. I am in Toronto monday morning! lol:smoking:
  18. so wait, this hot box cafe place..... its a byop coffeeshop? doesnt really sound so interesting to me. are there any coffee shops in toronto where they sell bud and let u smoke outta bongs and shit in the coffee houses... ya kno like the coffee shops in vancouver, cus i kno that vancouver is literally the north american amsterdam(i mean cofee shop wise). ya um if u kno of any other coffee shops in toronto that resembles vancouver coffee shops tell me whats good
  19. umm okay have you not read ANYTHING in this thred?
    the HotBox cafe you can smoke what ever you want...they do not sell but thye let you smoke if you buy food
  20. There is nowhere in Canada where you can legally buy pot, unless you have a Medical Marijuana liscence.

    The ones that do exist are illegal and you won't find them unless you have good connections.

    The HOT BOX is awesome though. If you can precure your own pot, it's basically like any ordinary coffee shop.

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