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  1. Honestly, how do people drink the stuff.

    Tastes pretty freakin vile to me. -chugs monster- :D
  2. Drinkin a big ass cup right now. All you gotta do is add honey and that shit tastes explendificorated.
  3. I drink it black cream and sugar is for pussys
  4. eat the beans straight. grinding them and brewing them is for pussys

  5. This. Fucking love coffee, once you go black... Fuck cream and sugar I guess

  6. Only fascists take their coffee black. :eek:
  7. All about that French Vanilla man ;-)
  8. Taste sooo fucking bad..
  9. I buy it at places such as Starbucks, Caribou, local places in Chicago every here and there but it's not that great overall. I hate making it at home. I have a Keurig so it's easy but I hate trying to find time to drink it before work and I grew out of liking the taste of coffee as weird as that sounds.

    Red Rain Energy shots all the way for my caffeine kick.
  10. You see, my philosophy is, that people don't actually like the taste of coffee, they just drink it for a while and become dependent on the caffeine they are getting from it, which makes them drink more..
  11. Not me I love the taste, smell etc.
  12. Addict!
  13. Yeah, I agree with this, but I'm a prepubescent girl when it comes to coffee and I always put a bunch of cream and sugar in mine, however I don't drink it everyday like most people I know. Iced coffee is good too if you're not into the idea of a hot beverage.

    Coffee and cigarettes are pretty good together if you ever want a nice buzz, but when I'm vaping my morning bowl, nothing compliments the buzz and taste more nicely than a cup of coffee.
  14. i love a good black coffee or a good espresso. its bitter, in a good way.

  15. n'awww

    Coffee: Milk, 2 sugars.
  16. drink that shit straight black everyday. I always liked the taste but when I realized how good it made me feel I gata drink it everyday now
  17. never been a fan but it does smell really good
  18. I love coffee. I try to start every day with a couple cups of coffee and a couple bowls. I drink the stronger stuff like Kona and Sumatran. I only add a little cream and no sugar.

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