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Coffee and Cannabis

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Lebowski, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. These are the yin and yang of my getting high.

    Anyone else think that a cup of coffee and a bowl of sativa in the morning is like the most enjoyable thing in the world? With the morning sun hitting your face, and you get that surge of stimulation. Wow.

    Energy drinks welcome too :wave:

    I think i'm more addicted to caffeine than I am to weed. In any case, both in combination is great. I like drinking coffee, smoking a bowl then playing video games, I seem to perform way better.
  2. its 1030am here. have done just that :smoke:
  3. I couldn't agree more! Seriously, what a bliss to have that feeling on a warm sunny morning with a nice j and a great cuo of coffee. sets the mood for the whole day :hello:
  4. Yeah, it's sweet. Me and my friends call that "Coughee" round here, after the group "The Coughee Brothaz." It's relaxing and stimulating; too bad caffeine wears off around the 2 hour mark for me though whereas weed lasts for 3/4 hours. Too much coffee here in Seattle, it's like my crack lol
  5. One of the finer things in life. :smoke:

    Nothing better than a cuppa and a bowl to get the day going.
  6. Nothing beats a cup of fresh ground, fresh brewed coffee and a nice bowlful on a quiet weekend morning.
  7. I love coffee in the morning with wake and bakes. I also like to have a cup between smoke sessions if it is indica dominant.
  8. I love driving to Peet's after snapping bowl and then burn cruisin' back to the house or around town.
  9. Man, you just read my mind. I can't do morning sessions without my mary jane and my coffee :hello:
  10. Coffee and herb are one of my favorite combos.
  11. torchin a joint then chillin at the daily grind or starbucks...sooooo chill
  12. Smoking a joint and drinking some coffee is the best

    I don't like drinking energy drinks while I'm smoking, only after

  13. The smell of coffee and cannabis in the morning.....oh there is nothing better. Two of the finer things in life. Throw in a boge and you have a 3 part recipe for perfection.
  14. One of my favorite combinations in the morning i must agree.

    A nice long spliff of Sativa with a steaming cup of strong coffee.

    Much more of a head high with the cannabis, and the uplifting caffeine really give me a jump in the morning.

    I have to say, I had this killer bud last week,
    Equatorial Haze from Grey Area (Amsterdam.... go there trust me you wont be disappointed... get some blue cheese too)

    but it was such a head rush, but not heavy at all. i could walk, I could ride a bike, but my god was I fucked up....

    peace and happy :smoking:tokin!
  15. Coffee and cannabis is the best way to start the day. In fact, I'm just waiting for my coffee to finish brewing right now. :smoking:

  16. Isn't that how everyone starts their days??:cool:
  17. I generally don't like having caffeine in the mornings, but I find that if I need to write a paper for school, an energy drink and a bowl really gets the creative juices flowing
  18. I had some really nice Kona coffee this morning that I picked up the other day right after it was roasted at this shop I go to for my beans. Very very smooth. Expensive (it's the 'dank' of coffees) but well worth it.

    Of course I had a nice bowlful of homegrown bud to go with it.

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