Codiene usage?

Discussion in 'General' started by Cornflake, Jun 3, 2006.

  1. This isn't a new drug to me and I've used it recreationally before. However, yesterday I took three t3s and only felt warmth and sedation without the euphoria I remember. It is my understanding that it can take a few uses to get this effect (even though it never seemed to before).

    Can anyone with experience tell me the amount of time I should wait before doing the same dose? I know if I did it today I would need almost double but I don't want to do it next week and have the same non-experience as yesterday.
  2. T3's just aint that fun recreationally I dunno what to tell ya G. And someone can't just tell you what dose is right for you, thats hard enough normally, but who knows where your tolerance is at.

    I once really wanted a good opiate buzz, so I crushed up a bunch of T3 pills, cooked them up like heroin, put them in needles, positioned the needles so the tips were pointing up, then jumped off a chair onto the needles belly-up to get the biggest possible dose I could.

    I'm pretty sure I lethally overdosed, and still didn't even get a nice opiate buzz from those buggers.

    Leave T3 alone, it doesn't even do shit as a painkiller damnit.
  3. Yeah T3's aren't that good if you're looking for Codiene, there is much better medications that have less garbage like acetaminophen are nearly pure Codiene

    I've used Codiene before recreationally and it's alright, I know a couple people who have become seriously addicted actually. One had several trips to the hospital and some time in rehab. She has been sober since.

    There are far better painkillers and opiates in the market if that's what you're interested in, to be honest.
  4. The only reason I'm using t3's and not something better is because it's all I have free access to. I'm thinking I might try a double dose on sunday.

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