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Codeine, Adderal, Xanax

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by The_Lotus_Eater, Jul 23, 2008.

  1. Sup GC, I just got a bunch of codeine, adderal, and xanax for free and was wondering what the street price for each of them is. I know you get it a lot of questions like this, but i'm not that wise about pills.
  2. We need to know the size of each, aka the MG of each pill.
  3. the xanies are .25mg adderal is 20mg and im not sure on the codeine =\
  4. Heh, gave my dealer one of the codeines and he cut down the price of the G i just got off him.
  5. .25mg's wont sell for much at all so do like i do at eat em

    20mg adderal's 3-5 bux imo? i dont really like uppers so donno to much bout street price

    codeine id say no more then 5 bux but you can get a lot of people to buy it
  6. 50 cents for the xannies. 3 dollars for the adderall. and no one buys codeine here so i dunno. well unless theyre T4's then its like $3.
  7. if u east coast those addys sell for $5 a pop those xanies are $1 a pop and the codeine idk trust me i use to sling addys and xanies i think u got the peachies (xanax)

    EDIT- yea son u from pa whats good g sell them at the prices i said
  8. this thread is prolly gonna get closed, just so ya know......

    start dreaming up a new way to say the same thing over again.....
  9. Did the rules change? There has been thousands of threads just like these in the past. :confused:
  10. Alright thanks man.
  11. I've noticed alot of threads like this getting closed.....

    You're on the borderline of what you're talking about and some of the replies are :rolleyes:

    There was a thread in "General" that got closed yesterday.... the guy was talking about swallowing a condom of weed to go across the border on vacation.

    They closed it for trafficking talk.....

    Be careful where you step......
  12. yea this is illegal talk for the forums

    edit - np lotus make ya dough hustle hard

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