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  1. i think World at war is better than modern warfare 2 hands down. Opinions?:poke:
  2. Yeah, tough decision but WaW is the shit. Graphics aren't as good as MW2, but still a kickass game:cool:
  3. World at war is really awesome the only downfall is the overpowered MP40. Because of that and the lack of players, MW2 I think is better, but not by much. 4 was awesome too.
  4. After playing both at my old dealer's pad, I can say that I'm a WaW fan. I didn't really dig MW2, just because it felt mechanic and less enveloping than WaW felt.

    Plus, Nazi zombies.:cool:
  5. Both are good but you gotta love the hardcore free-for-all which CoD MW2 doesn't got
  6. Waw was better in every way.
  7. WaW is the best of the CoD franchise if you ask me. Then again, I do love my virtual weapons to be semi or bolt. Requires a bit more, umm, finesse to get right, and is much more rewarding than mere spraying. Besides, it's WW2 which I think is much more interesting than all that modern stuff.

    And in WaW there is a great selection of semis and bolts to choose from. My personal favourites are the M1 Garand (with flash suppressor/silencer) for semis, and the Nagant for bolts. No scope noobism, ironsights only. However, at times I do run'n'gun, and then nothing beats a silenced MP40. The silencer is important, as I always try to flank and get behind the lines when running and gunning. No use advertising my position :)

    On PC naturally, and Search and Destroy only. Still quite the few who play it, so it's no problem finding well populated servers. At least here in Europe.
  8. Nazi Zombies is fun to play stoned.
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    WaW is the better game for sure

    Modern warfare lacks immersion which ruins the game for me. the SOUNDS in MW2 are a huge problem for me. The guns sound like paintball guns and the explosions sound like a car crash.

    Need to take a page out of battlefields book and step up the intensity.

  10. I second this. I hope Black Ops has Viet Cong zombies. I'll be mostly playing Killzone 3 though, hopefully that'ss have a zombie mode.

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