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Coconut Oil/Temp Questions

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by unseen4ce, Oct 6, 2011.

  1. I like the idea of mixing some good chop into coconut oil, I would rather leave the good stuff in, all grassy like :D.

    Question 1
    Does heat destroy THC, I have heard that it does but then how would anyone cook with it. Some suggest actually baking your bud in the oven for something called decarboxylation. Not sure about this...

    Question 2
    There are so many ratios, and some of them seem extremly expensive when compared to smoking the same amount/to high ratio.

    For example: One thread said it is standard to use one cup of coconut oil to a quarter bud. I think a cup would barely be enough to cover the bud, does it shrink? (we also don't use imperial measurements in Australia, so not sure if our 'cup' is the same as your 'cup'.). Seems like I could eat a cup of oil in a couple days, whereas to smoke that much would take atleast a week.

    Essentially, is cooking more expensive?
  2. Cooking improperly is more expensive, yes. But if you take the time to follow a proper recipe and cook it throughly and slowly, you can get some bomb ass edibles. I have made brownies with 0.17g dank and it sent my fellow non-smokers skyward for over 18hrs, and me as a fairly heavy smoker 1 1/2 brownies ripped me up for 10hrs. How often will smoking 0.3g of dank fuck you up for 10hrs? its much stronger than smoking if done right.

    The key is to cook at a low temp, 220F, in an oven in a oven-safe dish that is double sealed with aluminum foil (to prevent loss via evaporation), for several periods of about 45 minutes.

    Also, for your first question, decarboxylation is very important in edibles, it WILL make or break your edibles. Fact.

    Check out the sticky on the very top of the edibles section

    Everything you need to know about cooking/decarboxylation/dosage/wonderful recipes can be found there.

    As per your question on cups in AUS vs USA, 1 metric cup ≈\t8.45\tU.S. customary fluid ounces, while 1 standard cup is 8 fl. oz. so pretty close.
  3. ^Perfect thankyou. I guess another benefit is that it is healthier and will have greater medicinal value when taken this way.
  4. Absolutely. I wish I could get away from smokin as much, I just love it too damn much.

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