coconut oil high

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by holysmokecigars, Jan 7, 2018.

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  1. i clicked on your link but nothing comes up
  2. Dude, idk mb you have some network issues... Everything is ok on my display, I can send you screens if you want. In case if you'll finally open the page , check the first method, I forgot to say about it. Luck!
  3. i got it thanks good info
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  4. Bob, I read through the first recipe and it's pretty accurate. It works well for you which means it's a good recipe. Decarb is now established (through lab testing by PsychedelicSam in Another Tincture thread- results available in thread) at 240F for 40 minutes. The butter/water/cannabis in a crockpot is what I used to do until I discovered cooking with concentrate, or a solvent transfer from tincture. When you strain the cannabis from your butter nearly half the THC remains in the mash. Leaving the cannabis in the butter makes your butter much more potent, but I have to say I find baked goods made this way to be inedible. Using a solvent transfer from a tincture to butter or oil will allow you to get a bigger % of cannabinoids in your butter without including the actual plant matter. If you have access to concentrates they are much easier to work with.
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  5. never heard of this interesting read most definitely

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