coconut bong

Discussion in 'General' started by THC101, May 29, 2004.

  1. sounds tasty
  2. I'm not sure about eating the coconut, but I could see where drinking the milk would be a possibility, due to the whole fat solubility of THC.

    But this seems like smoking out of a bong with alcohol kind of. THC is absorbed in the alcohol, like it would be in the milk, which would make the hits less potent, correct?

    Who knows, try it THC and post the results.
  3. haha, i really doubt smoking thru alcohol or milk or anything else makes your hoot any less potent then water would. i mean, it takes weeks and weeks for green dragon to get thc-atized, so i dont see how a half second of travel thru some liquor or milk would do anything, especially when only the outside of the bubbles touches the alcohol....

    anyways back to the point of this post, coconut bong sounds like the best idea ever. i might make one today....
  4. you know what, me too! depending on whether i get a dub or an 8th of cubensis

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