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    Hey guys I'm new to growing in coco. This is my first run in it and I'm runnin into few problems. My leaves are kind curving inward from both side of the blade towards of center of each blade. Ill thro up some pics soon hopefully you guys can help me out. A friend said its over watering but the only time I seem this was from over heating photo-1.JPG

  2. My first thought would be cal-mag.
    Did you fortify the coco with cal-mag or was it a bag mix?
  3. What type of medium; soil or hydro?
    What brand and type of soil?
    Indoors or outdoors?
    What strain?
    How old are the plants?
    What type of lights and how many watts?
    How far from the lights?
    What is your watering frequency and source of water?
    What, how much and when was it fed? NPK?
    What is the medium/runoff pH and PPM if in hydro?
    What are the temps and humidity in the room?
    What size pots?
    Any bugs? Look real close.
    Any other pertinent info?
  4. I used gold(or golden) label coco then added perliter at roughly 50-50 to 40coco-60perlite. Then I add 30 ppm during feeding and I flush with ro water only once a week.
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    its coco so i guess its considered hydro. the coco is gold lable and the perlite is unknown. its an indoor set up we have multiple strains, chem dawg, kryptonite og, tahoe og, acid and green crack. they are 4 weeks old we jus flipped them 3 days ago but this problem has been on going. we have 2k raptors and they are about 2-3 feet from the light we water every other day expept when we fush we giv it an extra day to dry so a total of 3 times a week and all our water is ro water. im not sure how much npk but the last watering was at 1189ppm and ph'ed at 5.8 , daytime temps are 73-78F 50% humidity and night 65-68 unknown night time humidity. they are in 5 gal smart pots and the only bug i seen was a gnat here and there not nothing big else.
  6. It has been over fertilized and possible over watered by one time a week. That pic is a over fert though...
  7. Do you feed and water just enough to see some runoff?
    Or are you doing a flood to drain method?
  8. In veg your ppm's should not exceed 400-500. In flower your ppm's should not exceed 650-800ppm. 
    What is the ph of the run-off? That will tell you your nutrients available to the root zone.
  9. I'll save you tons of time here my friend....
    Watch this video
    and subscribe to this guy. His word is solid.
  10. dude what are your yeilds like??? i have alwasys pushed mine to 1500ppm in flower. thanks for the video all stuff i already kno thats basics.
  11. im sorry if i came off a lil rude but i kno the basics ive been growing for 4years now but i jus made a switch to coco. now ive never had this problem in my other set up except for once do to over heating. but the temp is fine and its still happening. i have two 10" exhausting the 2k light's heat and a 14000btu ac two 6" inlines scrubbing and circulating the air in the room plus 4 oscillating fans in the room with co2 ppm set at 1400. the temp never goes higher the 79F and never lower than 65F. 
  12. I got 820g from my last harvest.  One plant, one 600 watt light.
    What is the run-off ph of the coco?
    You didn't answer, do you saturation water or flood-drain/waste?
  13. 4 years in the game and he doesn't check ph? Seems like this guy doesn't even have his AA, let alone a bachelors in growing. But I give everyone the benefit of the doubt for the first time at least. Gold label is premium coco and has trace minerals. But as someone stated before check ph.
    P.S. I would aslo make sure ur dehumidifiers are on.

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  14. It magnesium my friend ive run into this issue as well and took me a while to figure it out but I'm quite sure ur having the same issue u can double up on calmag for one or two waterings n see of that helps
  15. But it could be other things you really need to check everything coco is a tricky medium when it comes to solving problems
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    alrigh finally som good advise thanks keyymo86! so in your case it was a deficiency? at the moment im running ro water then add 30ppm of calmag. how much did you use to solve you prob? i jus wanna get an idea of how much to use.

    but theres is no problem with the ph. thats out the door i understand certain nutes are avalible at different ph. but the fun off ph is not the problem its at 5.8. i dont flood to drian. i jus water them enought to see some run off, except for flushes

  17. You know what?
    You wouldn't know good advice if it bit you in the ass....
    It's all in growers talent....which you don't have!
    Your wasting my time.
    at first glance, it looks like over feeding. the main plant in that pic looks kinda toasty. I see other leaves in the background that appear to be a little toasty as well
    1200ppm is pretty high. im sure maybe some of them can take it but the old adage "less is more" stands true w/ feeding coco. my perpetual 4k flower room runs no higher than around 850ppm (.5 scale)
    also, running plain water through your coco is kind of a "no-no". it may, or may not be contributing to your problem. personally, ive seen guys do this and not have 1 problem and visa versa. something to keep in mind though
    I see your running Co2 and your temps are pretty ideal topping out at 78*. I'm sure that's the ambient, but what's your temps under the hoods.... at canopy level?
    a second glance makes me think it could be a transpiration problem, check out the link

  19. [quote data-cid='18130750' name='ndavisenterprise' timestamp='1369784001' post='18130750']I'll save you tons of time here my friend....

    Watch this video
    and subscribe to this guy. His word is solid.

    Great link dude knows his shit!!!if I am correct I believe he said he was feeding only once every two weeks in you also follow this schedule?if so am feeding entirely to much!!

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  20. Well you all can say what you want, I know for ME this was two things.  Mg and ph was off.  My plant looks (looked)100% the same.  After weeks of reading plant health threads I found a pic that looked eactly like my leafs.  Mg issue, once I flushed my coco and reset my ph to 6.3 (better Mg uptake) and added 1/4 tsp epson all my new growth has been spot on.  Thoes cupped leafs have never recovered.  This was my fix for the same problem I see in your plant.  If need I could take some pics and post to prove my post.
    BTW why add cal/Mg to fix a Mg issue unless your having a cal issue as well I see no reason to add more cal to the mix when a Mg sup is what you need.

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