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Coco Problem.. Water and Nutes needed everyday??

Discussion in 'Coco Coir' started by coonjas, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. High all,
    I am on my 4th set of leaf (5 counting the cotyledon) right now. I am using K.I.S.S. method, Coco (60-40 coco perlite), maxibloom @300ppm (Hanna), tap water @ 75ppm (Hanna), everything pH'ed to 5.8-5.9, 400W MH, temp 72-80F, [email protected]%, 6" pot.

    Right now the plant is growing really rapidly, but I am having problem with one of the plant needing water+nute everyday. If I don't water and nute everyday, the leaves would just standing OK but not having a massive hard on, even a few hours late would make a difference. I need to keep the coco soaking wet at all times to get the leaves to stand up strongly.

    What is my problem? I am quite tired of having to mix nutes and water every single day.

    Thanks In Advance & Greenest regards...

  2. any pics? and from what i understand it seems to be only one of your plants? is it the same strain as the others? not all plants respond to nutrients the same as others...whats her coloring? any lighting of the leaves or brown spots?...other than that if she is still growing sometimes it can be strain related...i had a plant that stayed droopy all the way until flower and could never figure out why
  3. I'll post pics later.
    it is a royal hash, unknown strain which I got as freebies when I ordered my white widow. It is the oldest of the pack and the only royal hash, the others are white widow and much much younger.
    It's hot a bad nutrient burn on the first leaf, very slight burn on the second leaf, and nice lush green on the rest of the leaves set.
    Should I continue watering and adding nute everyday or should I just let it be and water every 2-3 days?
  4. I would use plain ph'd water every other time you water and slowly work the nutes up over time. If you use course coco you may need to water quite a bit more than with regular coco. I water 1-2 times a day but I have perlite and hydroton mixed into course coco. They seam to love it.

  5. Thanks for the suggestion. But my problem is contrary to your suggestion. My plant needing nutes and water everyday. It was fun for a while, then it became a chore.
    I guess I'll just lessen the perlite on the mix on next grow to be able to retain water longer.
  6. how do you guys water/feed every day?it takes like3-4 days for my coir to dry.even with hydroton mixed1/3, still.3-4 days.???:confused:
  7. I don't let it dry out. I water 1 gallon/3 gallon pot and nute everyday and my plant looks boss. This is the beauty of coir. You can do whatever you want. I added 25% perelite and 5% EWC. Check out the root ball on a plant I had to kill because it wouldn't flower but it too was watered everyday.

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  8. ^ Agreed coco seems rather forgiving, especially with added perlite and a root product to protect against root rot. I water/feed everyday even with 20L pots with runoff (5 gallon, damn annoying this imperial system :p), they drink at least 1.5L per day and I'm 2 weeks into flower. The advantage of daily water/feeding is retaining a fresh balance of nutes & well oxygenated water(as long as you leave your air stone in the feed bucket for a good while) throughout the pot.
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    I have 60-40/50-50 coco - perlite mix and I must water&nutes everyday or my plant will droop if I miss a single day. I'll do 75-25% coco-perlite on my next mix. It sucks to water everyday.
  10. I don't think hydroton have any benefit if mixed with coco, yes it is porous, but it's smooth rounded surface doesn't allow much air space if mixed on coco. The coco would just stick to the ball's surface IMO. Contrary to perlite, much more porous than hydroton and have very rough surface, even very wet coco wouldn't stick to perlite surface. I only use a layer of hydroton on bottom to aid water drainage.
  11. Didnt know that.Where im at, its hard to find perlite, and when i do find it, there is always not enough of it even for 1 grow. but hydroton helps with drainage and coco dries up a little quicker.if watering everyday. let say in flowering. in 3g-5g bucket, how much ppm? rough estimate?
  12. I've tried hydroton before I went with perlite. Perlite surely does the job. I can flood 3 days seedling everyday without any overwatering problem.
    I've read in a lot of posts, if you are doing simple homegrow and intend to keep the plant in normal indoor grow size, 2g bucket would do the job with coco. They say that's the real strength of coco, you can have rootbound but it wouldn't affect your plant, 2g pot is all you need...
    I use maxibloom + tap water, and so far is having nice result. I've got 2 grow on DWC under my hand with horrible failure, all short lived never get to harvest. Everything changed after I went with coco and my recent switch to KISS method. I've read that you usually does not go beyond 980PPM on coco...
    I do read a lot but I am a total complete noob....
  13. I use five gallon pots and pure coco and still water my plants every day. They use the water and the nutes so I feed em all they want.

    Adding perlite just makes it drain more and you'll need to water more often. On the flip side it does good things for your roots.
  14. Ya.. I use 3 gallon pots and water roughly every 3 days... Sometimes I even wait 4 days and the plants are just fine :/ And I feed pretty lightly..
  15. Under what kind of light zizou21?

    Under my 600W HPS if I let em go more than 2 days they are bone dry and screaming for water. Under my 250W mother light I only have to water her like every 4 to 5 days.
  16. oh ur absolutely right that is something that I should have mentioned. I use a 250W :cool:
  17. in vegge i water once every 3-4 sometimes 5 days but in flower, in the begining very 3 days , now everyother day.600 W + 400W. HPS.
  18. Under a 1000w HPS I have to feed daily, or else the coco dries right up. They get 1 gal per 5 gal smart pot, and 1/2 gal per 2 gal smart pot respectively.
  19. I water everyday. I've got a couple that have to be watered 2 times per day.
    3 gallon smarts using about 3/4 of a gallon each.

    I'm testing the waters with maxibloom right now. Doing a run of three in various stages. If it does what I hope I'll be dropping the Canna.

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