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  1. After googling and still getting no where can someone help me with growing in Coco.

    Do I water everyday or wait for it to dry in-between watering ?

    Also feeding schedule I'm using general hydroponics trio micro gro bloom.

    I was going to use Lucas formula but then been told its not the best.
  2. Here is a good site for coco growing.
    Cannabis Grow Guide - Coco For Cannabis - Science and Practice
    Also I disagree with the idea that Lucas formula is less than the trio, but I'm sure there are many opinions on this. Lucas formula is simple and produces results.
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  3. Feed your plants at least once a day. You can actually feed more than once if you want to.
  4. I take it you can't overeater in Coco ? And I'm guessing it need s to be wet all the time
  5. If you check out the site I linked above all the guessing will be over
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  6. Good luck.
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  7. Yeah mate, feed every day to run off at ph5.7 for veg.
    Don't go over 200ppm for seedlings then 500ppm for the rest of veg and pretty much nothing can go wrong.
    The lucas formula ratio works well for most folk but just mind keep to the ppm levels.
    The feeding to run off ensures that the pot is reset and gets rid of any build ups.
    Pretty much eliminates the possibility of 99% of problems.
    The other 1% is mostly cats and dropping lights on them. We can't help that though lol.
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  8. Always wet. I water 4 times a day minimum. Check out my current coco grow journal! 4x4 Purple Haze Grow, Coco Drain to Waste - CREE's + Quantum Board
    4x4 Purple Haze Grow, Coco Drain to Waste - CREE's + Quantum Board

    BUDDYLED - The Best Quantum Boards and COB LED Grow Lights

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