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  1. Hey AskEd!

    This is one of the grows that motivated me a lot. I used almost all the same nutes and bottles as you. Thanks for all your info and inspiration.

    This is what I grew with that info. :D

    Thank You!
  2. AskEd,

    I love what you are doing here and I think I am going to try an experiment of mine own using your mix. For veg at least I wanna run the same thing with 1/2 cup gal EWC along with some biotone starter. I am just curious to see what would happen but I think it could be really good.

    I am currently using roots organics and it works pretty good but I may add a little MC to the roots and see what happends. Thanks for all of the pics and tips you have put in this thread.
  3. I too was wondering this.. I plan on starting and finishing in 2.5 or 3 gallon buckets but am unsure when to add nutes or when to add a top dressing. When does the Marine Cusine typically ware off and stop releasing nutes? Also I was wondering since I don't plan on using my carbon filter for the first couple weeks if this marine cuisine really stinks.. lol my setup is going to be in my bedroom closet so it can't be smelling like the pier. And oneeeee last question.. what is your current grow and bloom formula? Is it the same as the one you listed on the first page or have you switched it up? Anyways thanks for all the legit guides, I try to give you +rep whenever I read em but it always tells me to spread it.
  4. I mixed in 1 tsp per gallon (5 gal pot) and dolomite lime and have only fed lightly so far. I think the MC is supposed to last through veg state.

    Basically, different strains will take to nutes differently, so add nutes lightly and gauge how the plant reacts each time. I found that a few of mine like the plain maxicrop and water instead of nutes (also Ed's idea).

    So far I have seen great root structure with coco, much better than my soil runs. I just had to cut down my healthiest one ( SK1 - sound familiar Ed? ) and the roots were amazing. They pulled out the whole bucket of coco with them. :eek:

    No, the MC doesn't stink. Once you mix it in the coco you won't notice. I don't have a filter yet and you can't smell a thing....well maybe a little stink from the plants. :D
  5. Thanks for all your help man +rep. Within the next couple weeks I'm gonna get my first grow ever started.. I'm gonna have two plants in 3 gallon smartpots from start to finish and I'm gonna put a scrog on there once I go 12/12. My specs in my grow cab are 24"x20"x60" and I'm gonna use 12 23watt 6500k for veg and 12 27 watt 2700k for flower for a total of 19,200 lumes for veg and 21,000 lumens for flower. I plan on using the same veg and flower formula as ed, but I have a couple of questions.

    Am I supposed to just add a 1/4 strength top dressing of bat guano and limestone when I flip to 12/12? And then add another 1/4 strength top dressing if they're looking hungry (so 1 tbsp guano and .5 tbsp lime)? Also is it necessary to add another dose of epsom salt or will there still be some left from veg? I'm also going to try to use the same "RO Water" that Ed uses with the superthrive and then add some maxicrop every week or so during flowering. If you could answer any of these questions I'd appreciate it a bunch. You guys help so much at preventing problems in the future and I want to make sure I do good for my first grow.

    Here's Ed's flower formula for reference:
    2 gal - coco coir
    2 tbsp - Marine Cuisine
    4 tbsp - Indonesian Bat Guano
    2 tbsp - Dolomitic Limestone - pelletized (to compensate for coco's calcium issue)
    2 tbsp - Epsom salt (magnesium supply)

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    That's a lot of lights for veg imo. I had 2 as seedlings. Maybe could use 6. You should be able to save a penny. :) Second opinion anybody?

    Yeah man, you'll have to wait to see if your plant is asking for them? First sign, hit it with what it needs. You may hit some problems with calcium or magnesium. You'll see. You'll want to use the maxicrop liquid seaweed 1/2 strength (adjust amount for your plant) every water during flowering for a source of K I think it is. You could maybe even hit it with them mid veg, 2-3 weeks in.

    Looks good man. You'll be fly. :D I had great success and you have everything I used. Don't use molasses. At least not til the very end. Some people suggest it can cause nanners due to the sugar enzymes. Water til you get some runoff. It'll keep the salt buildups to a minimum. GL :D Does that help? :)
  7. I think you'll be fine either way you go. I germed mine and put them straight under a 400w HPS BUT it was raised up of high and lowered down over the first two weeks.

    On a side note, I have found that anything to do with growing has the same major rule: When in doubt, start with 1/4 and work your way up. Then you'll know exactly how they'll react and you won't ruin your shit in with one bad decision. :cool:
  8. I was waiting for someone to say something about this and I'm not really sure what I should do.. It kind of makes sense to do less because you can save on electricity and your medium won't dry out as fast but since I'm using cfl/coco I don't think drying out will be an issue.

    Thanks for the response, do you think it would be smart to just start adding some calmag at 1/4 strength when I flip to 12/12 to try to avoid the cal/mag defficiency as much as possible? I think it would be easier to add calmag instead of using epsom salt but I wanna hear what someone with experience thinks. Also thanks for the clarification on the doseage on maxicrop.. it's greatly appreciated +rep.

    So 1 for less lights and 1 for more lights, what does everyone else think? Thanks for getting back to me..
  9. The drying out shouldn't matter too much, it only changes how often you water, like every day or every other or ever 2 or 3. The thing with CFLs is that it's better to have them close, like 2 inches away. So you can have one above each seedling. Then switch to two above each seedling at like 2 weeks in. Then 3 or 4 as they get bigger. If you're going for huge plants you can work your way up to more lights but you'll need a ton of ventilation if you have a lot of lights. CFLs get hot and having a lot of them will produce a ton of heat. If smell is an issue then that adding a carbon scrubber will only add to your heat issues. That's why I only have one light in my grow *FAIL*. lol. It's good to have a small oscillating fan from the beginning, just don't blow your seedlings over.

    I used calmag the whole grow in an effort to avoid ever having calcium issues. 5ml/gal to start and up to 10 I'm using now at the end of flowering. You can try whatever you want. The problem is, calmag also has N in it, so some people switch to other nutes so they can control all calcium, magnesium, and nitrogen separately. I'm sure you'll be happy with the growth no matter what.

    You may also want to plant your seeds in just plain coco to avoid nute burning them. It's up to you.
  10. Ooooooooo ok now I see why this would be smart lol.. Well I'll start with 6 and then see if I can add more. I'm currently building a lil air-cooled reflector for my cfls.. it's not going to be enclosed but hopefuly it helps out a bit. I'm currently waiting for my Soler & Palau TD-100x that's rated at 135 cfm on high and if that's not strong enough I'm going to add an 80 cfm duct booster. I'll post pics of my lighting rig once I get it all setup.

    Sounds good, I think I'm gonna give the epsom salt a try and if it seems to be working I'll continue but I'll keep some calmag on hand. Also I'm going to be getting 2 clones, is the 100% coco mix necessary for them? Thanks again man! I'll give you some more rep when I can.

    One more question for everyone.. Is it better to start off in a smaller pot then transplant to another? I'm indecisive whether or not I should start in 1 galonl smart pots then transfer to 2 or possibly 3 gallons or just start off and finish in 2 or 3 gallons. If anyone can help me out +rep for you!
  11. 5-10ml per gallon for cal-mag seems to work good so far. I use tap water too btw. My tap is 7.2, 185 ppm.

    I let it sit out a few days and ph it to 5.8 or so. Lately, the nutes have done it for me. :)

    I asked Ed the same question before I started. Was it better to start in a 5gal, or transplant into into it from smaller pots (2gal)? He said it would work either way, but if you have the room starting in a large container is good. Transplanting stresses the plant, so it's good if you can avoid it.

    I transplanted twice in my soil grows and they turned out fine. This time I started the seeds right in the 5 gal and they turned out fine. Win-Win. :)
  12. Where's ed?
  13. I was just wondering that, haven't seen him post in a LONG time.
  14. Got a PM from him on Jan 19th but that's about it.
  15. well don't know where ya are ed but thanks tried this marine cuisine and my girls are loving it .
    this is my mix run down.
    1tbl per gal mc
    1tbl per gal dolomite lime
    1tbl per gal mosquito dunks (preventative for fungus gnats)
    botanicare pure blend pro for extra food when needed
    botanicare calmag

    for bloom
    i've been using ff high p bat guano
    botanicare pure blend pro bloom
    and cal mag, and molasses
  16. bump
    just wondering all that have tried the marine cuisine and if they're still using it. I am and have great results feeding couldn't be easier. wish ed would come back.
  17. He is still using pretty much Marine Cuisine both inside on the girls and outside on the veggies. He does water with the CNS as well with a treat of MaxiCrop/Molasses every once in a while. just will not free up enough time to be able to hang out in the City. We still both miss this place and hope time will open up here pretty soon. :eek: I know...been saying that for months now..... :wave:
  18. Yep I use it as well and it works great. Pretty much just Marine, Maxi crop and Budswell. I do add a little rainbow mix for flowering.
  19. Year later bump
  20. Haha SCMC you got me excited to see this at top of the page, thought Ed came back. Ive been referring to this a lot lately(just switched to coco)

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