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    Okay guys, so I've recently Poped a seed in some coco coir and it has sprouted , I had over watered it the first day. so I never gave it any water for the next day. then over the past few days it had toppled over. I'm wondering if it is due to medium ? or due to something else , I have a 100w 6500k on her right now and I don't think its a heat related isue because temps are at 25c - 29c so i will put a couple of photos up and I have put something to support the stem right now , help would be most appreciated.

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  2. I am far from an expert but I think perhaps the light is too far away.  Before I looked at the pictures I would have said damping off but the seedling still looks healthy.  BTW you should get something else to prop that up.  The steel is not a good long term fix - it will react with the soil.  You could use a toothpick, Popsicle stick, garden wire or something like that. Is that an actual 100w CFL or the 23w that is a 100 watt equivalent?  If it is the 23w you want that light within a couple of inched of the seedling to keep it from stretching.  Good Luck
  3. Thanks for the feedback it is an 100w CFL not equivelent and its a bit of solder that's holding up the plant

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