coco carbon filter or normal ?

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  1. Which carbon filter is better, coconut fibre carbon filter or normal carbon filters?
  2. I mean, it's just where the carbon comes from.

    I'm not even really sure what 'normal' carbon is made from.

    It should be fine to get coconut carbon filter.
  3. the last carbon filter I ordered turned up and was a coco fibre carbon filter. I had never heard of this before. it works great, in fact I just bought another for a different box. mine was from they never stated it on the website
  4. normal carbon filters use charcoal
  5. they use activated carbon go to a fish shop you can get a box pretty cheap it like couple quid cause it takes nastys out of water.
    nick ya mrs tights fill loosely in the end and pop in ya 4" piping. or buy the activated carbon pond sponge and cut to size, should do it :)
  6. I know ,iv read the diy carbon filters but they never work near as good as even a budget ebay carbon filter and are messy so im gonna buy mine.
  7. there not messy and they should work fine the sponge should be fine but every one has there prefered method
  8. Ii bought a carbon filter from a guy off eBay for just £17.50 delivered. bargain I thought. but it simply didn't work, not at all. the budget £35 ones from are really good

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