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  1. So me and some chick are back at my place with a friend, And we start to mess around and my wasted friend starts to be extreamly loud and anoying so she ends up leaving...

    Anyone have this happen? Really annoying..:mad:
  2. Erm, me and my girl went into another room to get jiggy, then this girl who I know likes me, came in and started trying to talk to me. In the end I told her to fuck off and get out.
    So it was a failed cockblock because my cock got some :hello:

  3. Hahaa, I wish i could have done that. My friend was yelling and vomiting on my floor....
  4. I'm a little embarrassed to say but... there was this girl who liked me and invited me over to her house. I was with some friends so she said for me to bring them along too so we can all just hang out. I ended up fooling around with her and she took me into her bedroom while my friends were hanging out in the yard drinking.

    The idiots came up with this stupid idea to just casually walk into the room and start touching her thinking she will let us all have our way with her. Now its night time, no lights on in the room, she's riding me so ofcourse the one on top. One of my friends walks into the room and tries to grab her ass... the idiot thought I'd be the one on top of her so he reached over and accidentally grabbed MY ASS and I say "DUDE WTF ARE YOU DOING?" he freaks out and says "OMG SORRY" the moment he feels my ass hairs and realizes he messed up.

    This killed the moment pretty bad, she was so embarrassed and I had to tell my friends to just get out and wait until I'm done. Took me about half an hour to try to get her back in the mood.
  5. Damn jolly thats horrible.
  6. Sounds like you got some idiot friends Jolly.
  7. Yep, bad move on their part. They were drunk as hell though. Still no excuse, but hey..
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    No but I've walked in on my friend and some chick gettin' jiggy and just stood there & watched until she left.
  9. this has happened to me once and it was a successful cockblock i'll give the dude that but it ended up with him being left at a gas station about 20 minutes away on a beer run lol.
  10. The key to blocking the cock block is to have a big dick. Once you pull out your big dick, everything else in the room shouldn't matter to her. :hello:
  11. That's so harsh yet so funny :D
  12. At a party I was at our friend was behind this shack on the ground with this random girl who showed up. Me and matt were wasted and we walked up to some rednecks and they were like "shhhhh theres some fuckin goin on back there!" We asked who and they said it was our friend and a girl that (most likely) has herpes :eek: so me and matt yelled "NO DAVID NO!!!" and then a truck turned its headlights on at the same time and the light was right on them with the herpes girl on top of david... everybody just started laughin and he was flippin us off drunk as fuck... hahaha

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