Discussion in 'General' started by CallMeHerb, Dec 29, 2003.

  1. i'm about to try cocain for my first time ever in a few hours. i also happen to have a drug test coming up in a few weeks to about a month. am i gunna pass the cocaine area? (they don't care about mj). i'm only gunna try it this once then never again. and this is coming from my ex girlfriends stash, so i know i'm gunna be getting pure cocaine and nothing deady. also, what are your views/opinions on coke? would you try it just once? what does it feel like?
  2. haha, coke gets out ur system in around 3-5 days and once works trust me, i've done it "once" two times (n if you know nethin bout me its that once is never enough, i even got hospitalized twice off the same drug), the second time blowing over a gram of good shit n i really aint fiendin or nuttin, go for it, jus make sure nobody will get it for you if you want it within the next week or so.

    oh and you'll only be gettin about 60% pure cocaine at best, unless you got columbian hookups.
  3. Just relax and go with the flow.
  4. i didn't get to do it tonight. but in good news: me and the girl i love are back together. we decided to forgive each other and do things right this time. i'm so happy i can't even put it into words :)

  5. Don't even do it once--it'll get you!!:smoking:

  6. i'm feelin u on hookin backup wit ya girl.. i jus hooked backup wit mine a few days ago to, life is good
  7. love is awsome. i wonder if coke is awsome. after doing some research on erowid i can't decide if it's 'too awsome' or worth a try. i'm a strong willed person when things really matter. i think i'm gunna try it once. i'll prove you wrong told. :p
  8. it's not that bad, really its not.. I loved it, made me feel reallllll happy, thats all... just don't do it more then once in a week or somthing

    as for the g/f situation with you guys, have fun! I've got a drunk chick puking in a bucket right now, you guys enjoy

    ps. disregard if no snensse is made as i'm drunk as fuck
  9. drunk puking = no fun. i'm going over to my girls house tomorrow night to get shitfaced with her whole family. it's also gunna be the first time i meet her family. and her entire family is gunna be there. and her family is huge. at least i'll have a little liquid encouragement. it should be fun.

    did i say family enough?
  10. yup.. doing coke tonight for the first time for sure. i'll let you know how it was if i survive the inevitable hangover tomorrow.
  11. well, happy new years everyone. how was your new year? let's just say i brought in the new year with a bang ;) it was awsome, a few random guys i didn't know at all came over and rolled a chocolate blunt, passed it around, and left before midnight. it's like they just came to smoke with a few strangers. whatever, i'm not complaining :p anyways.. don't do coke. it's gay. herb is 10 times better. i'm not addicted. hell, i don't even think i'd do it again if i was offered it. i'd rather just smoke some herb. it's 40 bucks a gram. damn, i can get 1/8 of stome sticky icky icky for that and stay high for a few days, not a gram of coke and stay high for the night. but on the bright side, i now know how to get acid. that shit's hard to get around here.

    the moral of the story is: cocaine is lame!

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