Cocaine Cowboys II

Discussion in 'Movies' started by KushFarmer, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. Just watched this, Cocaine Queen eh.... Anyone else seen this flick...

  2. Cocaine Queen or Cocaine Cowboys? I know I've seen Cocaine Cowboys. Damn good documentary.
  3. He's talking about Cocaine Cowboys II, w/ Charles Cosby (black dude) speaking on behalf of Griselda Blanco (the Cocaine Queen)..

    I seen was pretty good, but not better than the first one. What I don't understand though, is how the hell did Charles get off scott-free?!
  4. ganja queen was better
  5. he fucked that secretary and it fucked the whole case up, i don't really get it either but i think thats what happened
  6. Correct. It was "leaked" to the press that he had a relationship with the secretary in the Prosecutor's office so all charges had to be dropped in fear of contamination.

    He stuck it to the man. I salute Charles because hes stanky rich and they can't do anything, but charge him with tax evasion
  7. Ya it was definatly interasting.... The fact that she was the first cocaine billionaire is crazy to.....
  8. first female cocaine billionaire.

    the men she was getting her product from were multi-billionaires.

    most notably El Padrino and Big Man Ochoa.

    Griselda also supplied Ricky Ross, the real Ricky Ross. So its easy to figure out where she accumulated her wealth.
  9. It would be interasting to learn all of the details about this story, like murders and such. Its all so complex.
  10. does anyone have a link to watch CC2? Saw the first one but not the second.

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