cocaine comedowns

Discussion in 'General' started by Peaceful Rocker, Mar 21, 2006.

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  1. I think we can all agree that coke comedowns can be absolutly terrible.. I found something that seems to work pretty well.. Drinking milk. I\'m not a big milk drinker, but I do enjoy say a bowl of cereal everyday, so I keep milk in my refrigerator constantly. I was coming down like a mother fucker last week.. for some reason I poured myself a glass of milk (no idea why), it almost completly made the comedown effects go away.. at first I thought it was pure coinsidence (sp?), but I tried it again today and once again it worked.. I highly recomend other people try this if you hate coming down as much as me
  2. Thank you, I will keep this in mind, I don\'t do it much, but maybe once a month. +rep.

    I hope it works. :):smoke:

  3. i dont really notice a comedown most of the time just can\'t sleep if i do it real late and do a bunch, i\'ll try it anyways
  4. Does smoking weed help a coke comedown? I\'ve never tried yay but I know weed helps the comedown from E a shitload.

  5. It helps a little. Not very much at all, and I always smoke all the weed I have on a comedown. Drinking has been the thing to help most. But im sure a valium or klonopin would help MUCh more
  6. grab a beer its great 4 coke fact grab twelve!

  7. :hello:
  8. I like to smoke way after i\'ve done blow, like hours later or else the feeling of a stimulate and a downer just doesn\'t go well with me
  9. i never come down off coke for some reason, crack however is a whole otehr story
  10. as green lantern said, i just take a valium, it seems to neutralize things for me
  11. ahah thats tight il have to keep that in mind
  12. man you\'re lucky, crack comedowns are a shitload worse yeah.. but I get a pretty bad comedown on coke, almost always

  13. haha sucks for me then, i have TERRIBLe coke come downs but crack wont phase me one bit!
  14. I don\'t mind the comedown sometimes, other times its absolute hell. I haven\'t done it in a year or so still (except maybe once when I was trashed). I always found taking a t3 after the initial come down just made me feel fine; still wasn\'t in tip top shape but I didn\'t feel like shit.

    The milk thing is weird, I\'ll have to try it sometime.
  15. For the past like 8 weeks I\'ve been doing coke every weekend, and I never get noticably b ad comedowns, granted I\'m always drunk as fuck too, so I probably just don\'t notice it. I gotta stop though, I mean, I only do it on the weekends, but I can clearly see it\'s easy for that to lead to every day.
  16. you must not be good at cooking freebase. try it some more, its fucking intense man, i wouldnt touch it again but i had some wild times while i did.
  17. when i do it i usually take a xanax lay down and go to sleep......they have been good for me when i come down from coke.
  18. idk man, ive had some HUGE CRACK HEADS tell me the shit my dealer gives me is amazing and are now using him, and all these same people sya i take the biggest hit theyve ever seen everytime i hit it lol
  19. i always have a klonopin or a xanax on hand for those nasty everytime
  20. So it seems like Klonopin or Xanax is best for come-downs... Anything else a little more accessible? I have access to Klonny\'s but sometimes I get yayo faster than pills, and when I get it, I have zero patience to wait, haha. In a sense, are there any suggestions for a easy come-down with little notice to prepare?
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