cocaine at work

Discussion in 'General' started by just blaze, May 2, 2006.

  1. if it weren't for the bomb ass coke at work, i would have quit after the first hour today. just something i wanted to put out there...
  2. i wish my workers would use coke, stuff would probably get done faster.
  3. hahahahaha^^^^^^^^^ hilarious

    never done coke before work, but i type all day so i imagine it might increase my finished work at the end of the day.

    but the come down at work would REALLY suck.
  4. Lol...buddy of mine stayed up all night doin coke and still had to work the next day so he kept a lil bit to last him the day to keep him awake during work. He was zooming all day....freakin hilarious
  5. :( I wish I could be conservative with coke, I just can't. Whenever I buy a sack of yay its gone that night, no matter what.

    I can make a little bit of weed last me for a while though, ya know you'll smoke a bowl then be like.. yeah since i done have alot left i'm good for now i'll smoke the rest later :)
  6. oh man i had to switch booklets in books for law shit i don't know and there were like 50 books and it was just like every 10 i would do a line and i'll tell you what that shit got done quick, then had to file shit got done quick then i was off to school...and man not have any blow sucked ass...
  7. most waiters at my restaurant do blow in the bathrooms...fuckin cokies=X

  8. how else do you expect me to get through work...good money, good coke...good fun

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