coca-cola blak

Discussion in 'General' started by highawatha, Apr 12, 2006.

  1. i guess its a coke and coffee "extact" mixture, sounded interisting so i thought id try it.
    omg its sooo gross
    i cannot get the nasty taste outta my mouth......this is by far the foulest drink ive ever tasted
    nice job coke
    i want my money back! also like to have a normal taste in my mouth back
  2. they talked about this one the news a few weeks back, they let people do a taste test....half the people said it tasted like shit the other half said it was really good.
  3. this is real? they sell it in stores? talk about combining two horrible things
  4. Ya that shit is rank
  5. that shit should be illegal, not marijuana

  6. Did you get your screen name from Scary Movie 2:confused: (haha I know its way off topic, but it just popped in my head...)

    EDIT: That drink sounds gross. I wonder who thought of that one
  7. If I want caffeine ill get an energy drink, I drink coke because it tastes like coke.

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