Coachella 2010!!!

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  1. The lineup was just released last night!!! Check it out here: Coachella - Lineup Any thoughts from my fellow blades? Looks pretty tight imo! Muse, Gorillaz, Sly and the Family Stone, Benny Benassi, Infected Mushroom to name a few. Anyone gonna be there???:hello::cool::hello:
  2. You are forgetting the HOVA... jigga JAY-Z! YEE! But i doubt i will go, it's picnic day weekend, definitely can't miss that shit.
  3. IMO last years line-up was better :)

    But then again im all about the hip-hop, and there seems to be a lack of good HH artists on there.

  4. In past years they have always added artists as the festival date draws closer... But i do agree with on the hip hop front, there is def room for more. I'm sure Hova will kill it, Wale too, and u cant sleep on De La Soul they'll prob perform with Gorillaz as well.
  5. Hell Yeah 2 Many DJ's!!!

  6. Hell yeah, all my ravers/electronic music fans know the Sahara tent is the place to be. i have already spent the entire day in there, just bouncin!!!! Daftpunk was the best show i ever saw, period. may have been the best performance at coachella all-time!!! So sick!!!
  7. im fer sure going
    gorillaz coming out with their brand new album. gotta see that shit. plus tiesto. and infected mushroom. i was there last year and was fucking sick, thievery corporation was the shit.

    this year looks just as impressive. im gonna have to pace myself a little more cuz last year i was wiped out by the second day. ended up selling my tickets for the sunday and going home early.

    i think it was the shrooms that got me. ill have to train for this year cuz i will for sure be staying all weekend. that and bring more intoxicants cuz i wasnt high the entire time and that sucked.
  8. hell yeah, La Roux and Glitch Mob:smoking::smoking:
  9. lul i live like 15 miles from the fair grounds palm springs yay ^_^
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    I am so going to this...I have to...Muse, MGMT, Deadmau5, Gorillaz (how is that gonna work...they're cartoons) The Temper Trap, Tiesto, Phoenix...HOLY SHIT!!! Yeah I'm going...I don't even live in cali but I'm going. Fuck...I should sell all my muse tickets and just go to this otherwise I'll see them twice in April.
  11. too much techno. a must tho.
  12. The only reason I would go is to see De La & Sly.
  13. I will be there tripping balls:bolt:
  14. we should get some kind of group to go.
    i live in arizona so if there is anyone for sure that is planning on going from az then let me know and we can arrange some car pool shit.

    last year my car made it there with plenty of gas to spare and in only like 3.5 hours.
    then we get with all the other people from everywhere else and has a nice happy smoke sesh

    that for sure would be one of the many highlights of the weekend.

    anyone camping or getting a hotel?

    last year i chilled at some random guys house who lived a few miles away but he was butt up to a golf course. that was pretty sick. but the guy was kinda wierd.
  15. I'll most likely be camping...Flyin in from Seattle, rent a suv and roll out. I'm so pissed though had I stayed with my ex gf, I'd be stayin in a baller ass house, her parents have a house in palm springs which is like what 20min-half hour drive away. Woulda been sweet but oh well maybe she'll want to go and bring her bf and I can still stay there. I bought my plane tickets and reserved my suv before I even have tickets.
  16. camping is the only way to go.
  17. it is a good lineup, but the past lineups were MUCH better (05-08 anyone?).. 2009 was alright, i went to every Coachella 2004-2009.

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