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  1. Anyone heard of mixing water yeast n brown sugar in an open container to release some co2 into the day
  2. sorry no i have not heard of this..but im curious to see if it works.

  3. i hate to be the bearer of bad news, but brewed co2 is a total waste of time and money!!! to get real results, you need to get the tanks and controller. i know some will argue the point, but it's true. there is "no" way you're going to be able to add hundreds of co2 ppm's by brewing "anything."!!!
  4. Yeah, I have no idea what that is in the bag. I seen someone using it on youtube, and they were going to do a review on it. I know nothing about it. Me personally, I'm buying a Co2 tank and solenoid. I already have the controller purchased.
  5. Yeast wont do anyting. Yes Co2 causes faster and larger growth in plants but those experiments or if people do it its done in a enclosure where you can disperse a significant amount of the oxygen with Co2. If you dont then it simply disperses in the atmosphere. All you end up getting if you use yeast is a nasty scum filled cup to look at that will stink after a while.

    Go back millions of years when the dinos were around our planet was much higher in Co2 one of the reasons why plants were gainormus.
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    Bs, obviously u have no experience with yeast fermenters I've been using them in my cab for years and I can tell u right now there's a big diff when they are there versus when they are not, all u do is put a tube in the cap and have the end of the hose over top of ur plants main stems so when co2 is pushed out the tube it flows over your plant as it sinks, an also if u watch any nat geo show about dinos u will see that plants and reptiles got so large from high o2 levels not co2

  7. have you tested the ppm of the co2 levels before and after/during the use of your mix? check it out and you may be surprised....
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    Fermenters are a continuous feed system, with accumulation during times of fans off, granted an individual unit won't make much of a diff, that's why a series is used. Yeah it's not quite as effective as a tank, but don't doubt what u have no experience with, it works, rather well. also u don't use brown sugar, u use granulated white sugar with equal parts sugar to active dry yeast.

  9. not quite as effective, lol, come on!!! it's not even close to the same effectiveness. how would you know what i do and don't have experience with, lol??? just check your ppm's, then you'll know you're wasting time/money. if there is no measurable difference, why use it? just use a fan and keep a gentle flow of fresh air on your girls.
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    Lol ok buddy I say u don't have experience/haven't used fermenters because there is a huge diff with a system in place and without, I've used my same custom strain with and without, with exact watering, lighting, and fert schedule I would be extremely hard pressed to say it's a waste of time or money but hey that's just what I've seen over the last few years, I've used tanks before too but being as I'm a micro grower it's far more practical to use fermenters than lug around a tank and try to hide that, especially when I get my yeast from a wholesale food distributer ad get a ten pound sack for as much as a 3oz bottle from the store lol, I would agree fermenters are impractical for outdoor/greenhouse/large HID grows but for a micro(under 8-12 cubic feet) it is above exceptional, I'm not like tryin to get into a Internet quarrel, just throwing out what I have personally witnessed with my own eyes, with my own plants, over the last several years.
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    Here is a post by a well respected member here that has tested the yeast/sugar thing. His test was done with 2 meters and were done in a controlled environment.

    It would do you well to read the entire thread also, a DIY for a yeast/sugar co2 generator. Ccoastal, perhaps you just have a green thumb, and the results you got were from being a top notch gardener.......I too have tested the DIY generator with my controller and never was able to get close to 800 ppm.

    I can spend a half an hour in my room with my wife and a friend however, and the ppm's will rise from 1550 to 2500.



    BTW...I'm not trying to quarrel either, but using metering equipment I too can't make the math work.
  12. Always good to see other perspectives, main difference I see in how the setup shown and mine can produce diff results could simply be the fan, mixing the air throughout the cab while in use, and the number of units. I have no fan on mine and when I accumulate no fans are on, I use the characteristics of co2 to my advantage. With mine I have my tube 1/2-3/4 inch directly above the center of each plant, cola if they are SOG instead of LST. This way when fans are turned off the co2 flows directly out from the tube, and because co2 is heavier than air it flows straight down across the leaves of the plant. Besides, it's the plant that needs it not the rest of the room in still air right? I'm not sure what the ppm directly across the plant would be but it does supercharge them for sure. I used to use a bunch of propel bottles but I amped it up and use 2 2 liters per plant or per 6 in SOG, set in the imaginary X if u "connect the plants" :x:x: dots being plants
  13. So what about vinegar and bicarb?

  14. Costal ur baked that didn't make any sence
  15. Ccoastal, do you have a pic of this setup? I'd like to see it.
  16. I am baked lol basically my tubes are right above my plants and the air is still so the co2 kinda cascades over the plant, not the rest of the room, which is where it counts, no I don't got any pics of the fermenters but I will work on it lol
  17. most folks who use brewed will fiercely defend it! i believe this is mainly due to the fact that they don't want to admit they're wasting time/money, lol...
  18. Or have just seen results first hand lol
  19. to each his own. i didn't mean to come off like a jerk, i just was voicing my opinion. everyone has one, blah, blah....... i briefly tried a co2 mix type thing. as rumple said though, it costs more.....

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