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  1. hi have a 1.2 x 1.2 x 2metre tent what is the best way to supply co2 to my plants without getting one of those diving tanks and putting it on timers, can I not just use those mini cylinders the a valve and give them some every 2 days would that work or does someone know a easier way

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    [SUB]The answer is very simple. Talk to your plants (or sing if you have the right voice). No low cost CO2 device will do any better then a few kind words in your grow room.[/SUB]
  3. Hey man, I have a 2x2 grow room , sealed, growing 3 with a mars 300. I use the 2litre pop bottle bubbler . Youtube has videos . Instead of bubbling out thru hose, use a wine bottle bubbler...way easier. I turn off my air cleaner fan for 2 days and put the bottle in and they LOVE it.

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