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  1. I will be using c02 in veg room and flowering room. Here are my questions.

    1. In veg room there will be mothers, clones, seedlings, and vegging plants my system allows me to dial in the exact ppm that i want saying that, what should i set the ppm at for the best results?

    2. In my flowering room i plan on setting my ppm at about 1500-1800 both my rooms are completely sealed ( no intake or exhaust), should i supplement 1500-1800 right till i chop them or should i lower the dose towards the end of floweringi if so what ppm? I have heard this has some effect on final product?

  2. I've never used CO2, but many of my friends have(my next place I'll be using CO2)... And from one buddy who got massive buds with his grow, he used more CO2 durring the first part of of his grow and less towards the end because the plants didn't grow as much anyways

    If I remember right, he used a PPM close to the nutrient level

    P.S. This is all for flowering, from what I can remember, I've never heard of someone using CO2 for vegging, but I could be wrong
  3. For my setup i will be growing fewer but larger plants possibly a little lst so i will be using co2 in veg room and flowering room to incurage as much growth as fast as possible. Just wondering if i should lower the dose at the end of harvest. Sounds like it might make sense to keep it about the same as nute ppm. Thanks
    anyone else?
  4. What you are suggesting is perfect. 1500-1800 PPM of Co2 will cause tremendous growth....especially since it is sealed.

    I up my Co2 to 2000 PPM while flowering. This really plumps up the buds, & can take as much as 7 days of the harvest time. I have never had any negative effects of Co2 @ 2000 PPM during flowering.

    TBO though....I don't really run any Co2 during the last week or so of flowering, as the buds have gotten as big & resin coated as they are gonna get. I do add an extra hour of darkness to the photo period, making it 13 hrs. OFF 11 hrs, ON. This helps speed up the ripening process.
  5. Thanks CM, this makes sense
  6. has anyone used co2 during the veg stage? would it hurt a small seedling (only about 3-4 inches tall with the first set of leaves still on it) to add co2 to the air?
  7. Dont know about large amounts but small amounts def wont hurt them because there is about 250-450ppm of co2 in the air naturally
  8. CO2 is beneficial pretty much throughout the grow, with the exception of the final few flush days. In veg it'll cause growth to literally explode... you'll shit. Leaves will be a dark dark lush green and just growin' like vines.

    This assumes you're using a monitor to maintain proper levels of either 1500 or 1800 (the latter my recommendation). I too, as someone else said, used to jack it up to 2000ppm's about the 3rd week of flowering and hold it until I began flushing, then would drop it way back.

    Another thing to allow is the temps to rise... I'd run 78F if no co2...but with co2 would let temps get up to 90F. I also ran the nutrient mix hotter than normal. Since the CO2 let's the plant burst into growth - she will need more nutrients as well as be able to tolerate and enjoy higher temps...

    Enjoy! CO2 is well worth the effort if done properly!!
  9. thanks alot - im using a homemade set up to make co2 (sugar, yeast, water) but i dont really have a co2 meter. is there any tell tale signs that will come up that shows my babies are getting too much co2? i'm about 90% sure its not gonna be more than 2000ppm.
  10. You should be fine. I dont think you can even get over 1000ppm of co2 the homemade way
  11. saw this post and was wondering if any1 has tryed the co2 tablets u can get off ebay and are they any good?
  12. Total ripoff

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