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  1. An old man once told me ,"if ur growing pot and not using CO2,your an idiot " now I've been growing for a while now and I'm getting some really nice bud. I haven't grown any one hitter quitter and I use good genetics. Will CO2 put me on the right track. Or is it mostly for yields ?
  2. I had an old man once tell me "get off my lawn!"

    but mostly for yields not so much quality but it can help because it allows you to run a little hotter temps and not have as much heat stress as without it - I know someone who gets away with 85 deg F with co2 and anyone else who doesent has problems with anything over 78 deg F - I have my room at 70-72 deg F all the time even at night its very well controlled but I dont use co2
  3. Well....I think CO2 works well to encourage growth, but at the same time, you don't really see higher CO2 levels in nature, well hopefully not.

    CO2 looks good on paper, but it's a tricky thing to control. not my thing, but I want to see how others do it.
  4. I was skeptical about co2 at first too. Since inducing this to my grow room of 8 by 8 I Have been in veg for only two weeks and plant have grown over a foot in the last seven days. Only thing I can say is co2 equals EXPLOSIVE GROWTH ! Now I'm in flowing and the plant are growing super fast

  5. Think it will shorten flowering time ?
  6. Add CO2 is the same as adding any enhancement to the grow room. Does the cost justify the benefits. Adding CO2 is one of the more expensive options. You will need either a CO2 generator or a tank of the gas and a distribution system.

    I have thought about adding CO2 with a tank for several reasons.

    If, after doing several grows with the CO2, I believed that this was not making a big difference in my grow a tank is much easier to sell than a CO2 generator. I would also avoid any heat problems a generator would produce.

    I also use CO2 for my kegarator. If I got really ambitious I would rig it up for both systems to use the one tank.
  7. you must have total control of air within the room and the ppms needed to be of benifit may not be the easiest to achieve but its worth checking into. dont know if that level can be had with simple yeast/sugar generator or not
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    Don't need to be costly, check out co2 generators on you tube, the ones using fermenting yeast and sugar. It can also be done with baking soda and vinager, I'm working on the later with a dispenser and timer.

    These are on YouTube
    Co2 supplements in your indoor garden
    Using a high producing co2 generator

    This is one I've been using in a small space for clones.

    im so high! mcl. After note the one pictured worked well a 5 gal one didnt do so good , the vinager and baking soda method allows for exact calculations for out put

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  9. boo
    Yes co2 increaseses your yield. It isn't a question, it is just another tool that you learn to use. It doesn't change genetics or crop management etc. Plants grow faster at higher co2 levels. A long proven fact. There are moutains of info on the net to read about it. School up and then decide. There is a cost, there's a cost to everything. According to the size and arrangement of your grow area there will have to be some sort of cost benefit analysis. One 600w under your bed - maybe not. 5 to 20 lights in a big room - then your are really missing out. Just do the research, I can't imagine trying to do any serious growing without it. IF your are just doing a little home recreational gardening then it might be a cost you can live without. I don't think there is a definite answer for small scale but anything over 3 or 4 lights it is about the top add on after good breeding and general plant health.
  10. Yes a cost to any thing but large amounts can be made easily and cheaply. You should see the vid I mentioned that uses baking soda and vinager cheep items, soon I'll show you an automated system in working on. In the vid he makes 10 gal of co2 in less than 10 mins I think

    Greetings now let's smoke
  11. co2 enrichment should be implemented if at all possible. if you have good light and a solid nutrient solution, co2 should take your crop to the next level if all else is in place.

  12. The baking soda and vinegar method really does not do enough to be worth it. If you want to add CO2 you need a generator or a tank with timers, etc.
  13. Well I'm guessing youve been at this alot longer than I have, but I'm a pretty good fabricator and I'm going to take that as a challenge. How much co2 per hour would you require to be worth it?

  14. Well, here is why it gets expensive. If you are using a CO2 tank you need to set up your room with a timer that turns off your fans and floods the plant area with CO2.

    After the plants have been in the CO2 environment for a period of time, the time will turn off the CO2 and restart the fans.

    They make and sell timers for this but the cost some bucks. You can get one used and you could probably fabricate one. There are a bunch of threads on this.
  15. I see tanks and all that go with it would by costly,I'll draw up my design I have in mind and put it up and you can tell me what you think. Give me a bit though I'm a stay at home dad of two but when I can get at least one of them down for a nap I'll post it, thanks for your reply and I welcome any comments on the design when I get it posted
  16. Design possibilities are end less. Creating and using this design and running it are financially possible for me. I have almost all the the materials around the house and work shop.
    Tanks would not be. Design criticisms welcome!

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  17. why wouldn't a regular $3 timer from Home Depot work?
  18. There is another way to us co2, and that to have an air conditioning room. This room is used in a closed system where the hot air from the lights is pumped into a room where the cold air from the ac and co2 are mixed in and then pushed back into the main room. It works very well, but you need a large room, ideally the same size, to do it properly. Keeps the main room less cluttered as well.
  19. Here's my set up. The timer is the black box
    U set it one dial on one dial off ig. On 30sec off 30min
    It's a selenoid(however ) timer

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  20. OK.. So you have a solenoid with 2 dials. I'm assuming 1 adjusts PSI out of the tank and the other the flow rate??
    CO2 is only released for 30 second intervals? I'm trying to get an idea how long a tank will last and how long does it need to run daily? How often do you refill?


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