Co2 options?

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  1. Been using Co2 for quite a while, love some feedback on Co2 burners? Fire hazard or all g? Also it's my understanding that they can be plugged in to a controller, still accurate? Also is the heat put off by the burner significant? Anyway got an upcoming project where tanks could be a hassle, open to any other Co2 options in which ppms can be regulated and accurate. Thx
  2. Burners do put off heat, can be a lot depending on your setup.
    They do make water cooled units, but you would need to run a pump and chiller for that.
    Yes they can be plugged into a Co2 controller. Some you will need to change settings from using bottles.
    When using bottles the controller can keep a constant ppm level in your room. A burner needs a high and low for example you set it at a high of 1500ppm and a low of 1300ppm...when the room drops below 1300ppm the burner will turn on and raise the level to 1500ppm and then shut off. It wont turn back on till it drops below the 1300 low point.
  3. Thx that's helpful
  4. Your welcome.

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