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  1. i wanted to use co2 on my new grow my grow room is in my cellar i was woundering if i could tie into the exaust vent of my oil burner so instead of all the co2 ceated by the burner going up the chimney i could vent some into the growroom and how would i go about doing this
  2. I'd be afraid that another by-product of your oil burner would be carbon monoxide....100ppm is considered dangerous..........if you do it, be careful.
  3. true i forgot about that
  4. I made up some DIY co2 generators with champagne yeast and sugar in a milk jug and ran a quarter inch line from each jug into my tent about 2 weeks ago and id swear theres been a major increase in growth, i might be wrong but the cost was about 50cents a generator so fuck it, its worth a shot and a buck

  5. i was think about that too its worth a try i just got to take off my intake fan and seel the hole i was thinking of running the hoses to the occalating fan to desperse the co2
  6. Yeah fuck it man, buy a bag of sugar a box of baking soda and some yeast. My buddy gave me a couple of champagne yeast packets but i guess you can use any yeast, i have a oscillating fan in the bottom of my tent and i just ran the tubing through the hole and tied to the pole in the corner of the behind the fan, i just shake the milk jugs everyday or so and i used clear tubing and you can see a small pocket of fluid in it and i shake the jug and can see the fluid move a little bit and then you can hear the gas bubbling out the tube. PM me and ill send you a pic of mine and tell you how i made it, the only tool i used was a metal tipped pen.
  7. Hey man, can you tell me how u were planning on sealing ur outflow vent? I have no fucking idea how i should begin covering my 1 and only hole that makes my perfect growing room imperfect. it would help a lottttttttttt!
  8. I find brewing beer in my intake room serves my CO2 purposes now. I hemmed and hawed about it for a while.

    Keep in mind, those soda bottle generators are only good for incredibly small grows. You can get up to about 400 ppm in a mini fridge sized grow with a 2 liter bottle, and then only for the first few days. Meanwhile sleeping in your grow room would provide in the area of 1000ppm if it's 4x4x8 for an entire day.
  9. what is your growroom made of

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