Co Creator of NSA surveillance program We Are Now a Police State

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  2. Its only going to get worse.  I wish Fox would cancel American Idol so ppl would finally stand up for their rights.
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    Yes, we are by definition a police state. I am wishing that enough high-level officials will become disgusted with the current state of our country and begin exposing more of these programs/systems and that states will enact legislation to nullify these programs. This is very wishful thinking though. Imagine all of the programs that exist which we do not know of, programs which whistleblowers may not even be aware of or willing to disclose. The saddest part of this all is the insane number of people who just don't care or are living in a state of denial and think that somehow this surveillance only involves and targets 'terrorists'.
  4. "Its all about catching terrorists; its not like they are going to arrest everyone doing anything illegal" - my brother in law when the subject came up about a week ago

    Sorry folks. Most people actually want to trust the government
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  5. It seems, due to the virtually inevitable collapse of the US system, the default mindset of politicians, bureaucrats, and to some degree the society as a whole is to crank the plunder to high speed...get as much as possible before the music stops.
    Since morality is often ignored or used to justify actions after the fact, the only hope I have is for more 'insiders' to broaden their cost-benefit analysis and realize a few extra $100,000 and reduced social/political pressure ain't worth it...and to resign if nothing else.
    Maybe I have become too cynical, but the amount of 'whistleblowers' is an amazing thing to me considering the challenges they willingly face.

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