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  1. Monday Febuary 23 on CNBC is a show on the ganj. its called "Marijuana Inc. Inside America's Pot Industry." 9 P.M.
    WATCH IT!:smoke:
  2. Seen it 4 fucking times
  3. welcome to 2 weeks ago
  4. Just letting people know who didn't already know. I haven't seen it, is it worth watching?
  5. Did anybody like it alot, cause it wasen't really informative too me.
    Just wondering.......the plants were nice though!:cool:
  6. I watched it when it originally aired. I didn't like it all that much. I felt like they were trying to present it in an unbiased fashion but there was definitely an undertone of favoritism to the law enforcement aspect.

    Anyway, I love how the worst thing the DEA could say about it is that there are a lot of people growing now. Yet, they are recognizing how important it is to some areas local economy.

    Then that piece of crap John P. Walters was on there. That guy is so ignorant it's unbearable. He actually called marijuana poison. Not that that surprises me, he's also said that finding someone in jail for possession alone would be like finding a unicorn.

    I love how they mention the crime (violence and such) related to cannabis but fail to recognize that prohibition is what feeds that crime.

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