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Discussion in 'General' started by smokinokie, Oct 26, 2001.

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    Yeah. I didn't have anywhere else to be so I just hung out. Thanx for the award. The girlfriend will be thrilled! It is like a marital device, right? (Never would've noticed if not for the notification thingee)
    Ummmm, that was in another thread somewhere. But since you ask.... 
    Readers Digest Condensed version.
    Take old truck on road trip to big city. Truck catches on fire in busy interstate traffic. Angry State Trooper acts like we did it on purpose. Have to ride the bus home, in altered state. No seats together for my friend and I. People shuffling on and off. Seat next to me opens up. Friends asleep. Doesn't take it. Large black woman does. Has a bag of barbeque potato chips. Takes them out. Licks the barbeque off. Puts them back in the bag.
    I stare out the window a long time.
    Good times. Good times.
    Thanx for reviving a memory childrens!  :)
  2. Dude your probably old as dirt.

    You've seen both the the rise and death of drug convo's on this site...
  3. Haha that sounds like a strange trip. That was probably when the whole Atkins diet fad was big so she could only eat the chip dust.
  4. gee how old are you smokinokie ??? :confused_2:
    did they have tv when you was young ?? :confused_2:
    how old is dirt ?? :confused_2:
    rotflmfao :laughing: :smoke:
  5. Ahem? I do believe you are ahead of me on the road of life my friend.
    Although I can see your dust.
    But it's a paved road.
    Whussup wit that?  :poke:  :wave:  :smoke:
  6. So in like 2035, people will be like Ohhh this thred was from 2001 and then some ransoms commented in 2014, now we found it. Ooo 2014, those were the good old days.

    Cool. I was taking a shit in kindergarten when this bitch came about. Yet here we are....

  7. yeh l maybe older ,BUT l,am prettier than you smokin ,lol.
  8. In 2001 I was... Shit, idk, like 7 or 8?

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    Jesus dude, you look 5 years older than me, not younger.
  10. i was 7 lol
  11. I know, people tell me I look like I'm in my mid-20s
    I was shooting for late 20's, for that picture at least. I'm 24.
  13. I'm 20 lol. Well my other ID says I'm 22, at least for the next few months.
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    I was in college when this thread started.. 
    am still in college.  :laughing:
  15. Well yeah, like that's some great accomplishment.  :poke:  :wave:  :D
  16. How I feel when I see these type of threads.

    Fuck yo presents!

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  17. :confused_2: :smoking: such is life.
  18. We got some young as mu'fuckas up in this bitch lol
    people bein 6 and 7 and shit damn
    though i was only 11 so meh.
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    I think I was 11 too

    Born in 1990

    We are like senior citizens


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