C'mon! It's Me! Open the door!

Discussion in 'General' started by smokinokie, Oct 26, 2001.

  1. Hey Y'all!

    Remember me?

    You do?

    Can you tell me where I live?

    Why is it I always seem to be so high this time of year? Harvest? I believe so.

    Anyway, I've been living in the real world for awhile as God struck down my computer.

    I'm serious. Lightining hit the house a month ago. I was falling asleep on the couch watching a movie. I felt the hair on my arms stand up and KA-WHAM!!!!! The only thing it got was my 'puter! Phone was in the same surge protector and it did'nt touch it. Did'nt get anything else either. It was God's way of telling me I needed a better computer, and after the toad plague thing last year, I'm never gonna piss him off again.

    E'nuff babble!
    See you all around!
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  2. Glad you're back. We need some rambling stories of black women licking potato chips to stir the pot awhile.
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  3. Jeesh, what are the odds of lightning striking your HOUSE! I'm glad the only casualty was the computer..[​IMG]Welcome back, Smoki...now tell us a good story ;).
  4. Welcome back Mr. Oaklahoma man. Where else in the world does mother nature hate computers. Hahahaha

    Hope to see you around these here boards.
  5. lol, this is awesome! what kind of computer do you have?
  6. Ummmm, this was 12 and a half years ago. I don't remember. Probably on Gateway on dial up. With a tired gerbil running the wheel inside.
  7. I was 13 years old when this thread was started.
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    I was 12 years old. Crazy

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  9. That's rare as shit. 13 years later and OP is still around to comment on his own thread. I grant you the Golden E-Peen award
  10. DUDE! You sir. You are an OG
  11. Man times have changed since you originally posted this

    There's some war in the Middle East now

    I must have ejaculated over 1 million times since 2001

  12. Dude like whoa like it's a time travel machine on my screen ima go though all the threads from 10+ years ago and reactivate them so more time travel for everyone's!

    I Smoke weed 4/20-7 😎
  13. Don't do this. You're gonna get some classic threads deleted or locked man.
  14. Dave's not here man.
  15. I was fuckin' 11 man, October 2001 holy shit man 2001 two thousand fucking 1. The good times. The times I reminisce about, just being a damn fuckin 5th grade kid. Fuck. Fuck. And here GC was just going on. Fuck. This is...something. I was in JC at the time, too...
  16. I was 6 when this was posted. I was excited to have Windows XP with dial-up so I could play stupid arcade games. I want to hear about the potato chip licking black people now.
  17. Welcome back even though I don't think I even know who the fuck you are :D  lol.
  18. 13 years ago...when did this site start up? Only an 8 year old in those days. Living the free life.

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  19. wow.... yeah some days i remember you.... :smoke:
  20. Dam I was learning how to multiply when this got written

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