Closing a thread because you don't like the contents is really bad business

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Help_Needed, Aug 17, 2007.

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  1. I don\'t know whether RatBastard\'s thread regarging GG is accurate or not (although from the looks of the forum I\'m guessing it is). But closing that thread without allowing additional discussion is just plain dumb. Not only does it prevent the rest of us from weighing in with our opinions - which I hope the Mods aren\'t to arrogant to take seriously - but it also makes it looks like the Mods are hiding something. And suggesting that \"the problem\" should be dealt with is only adding fuel to the fire, not to mention it\'s just plain ludicrous.

    Ganja Guerrilla has been a major contributor to this board for quite a while. He has help a very large number of us with plant problems and many of us feel we owe him a debt of gratitude for the advice that was freely given. As such the members of this board have a vested interest in how he\'s treated and whether or not he\'s been banned. Preventing us from voicing this opinion is a surefire way to piss everyone else off.

    And before you give me the usual Moderator bullshit line - \"this is a private forum and we can do whatever we want to control what\'s said here\" - remember that without the posters this board would be worthless. You\'ve already lost several popular growers as a result of poor decisions regarding user control and privacy. How many more will you loose by banning one of the most trusted sick plant specialists. How long do you think you can continue to loose members before this board implodes? And before you smuggly reply that there are 10\'s of thousands of users, remember this is cyber-space. Word can get around very fast.

    Last, concerning GG himself. In my opinion the Mods made a rather hasty and unwise decision when they banned him. He was a respected board member with 1700 posts. His advice has almost always been spot on, and there are numerous threads showing this. On the other hand 420freedme is nearly brand new - 109 posts at last count - and there are already several threads where his advice seems to be questionable. Yes, he claims to be a large scale grower with years of experience, but he\'s offered nothing to back that up - no pics, no grow journals, no links to other forums, nothing. More importantly, if you are truly objective when you read his posts and replies it\'s quite obvious that he\'s deliberately trying to bait GG and other posters, without making it appear that he\'s doing so. If you asked me, you banned the wrong person.
  2. Hmmmm.

    did you check his webby out? i\'m pretty sure there his plants... but i could be wrong, never asked him :rolleyes:

    Ny way he did me no harm and was shit hot with advice, shame...

    Peace, gonna get stoned :smoke:
  3. GG\'s website is down.... But I don\'t think he was banned from here... Can anyone prove this?
  4. If u look at GG\'s avatar it does not say that he is banned , but that doesn\'t mean that he will come back or is not banned. I believe that help_needed is spot on with his post, and that GG is a valued member that did get baited. I hope that he is not banned and will rejoin us here. I am going to send him an e-mail to see what is going on.... I also sincerely hope that if Ganja Guerrilla is banned that someone will rethink their decision and allow him back if he will even return. Also his site is down which is quite curious. I hope the issue is resolved.. Peace
  5. GG is not even banned. :confused: And we\'ve never allowed threads like this to remain open. Moderator decisions are final, whether you want to hear it or not.
  6. Moderator decisions are based on what is BEST FOR THE CITY. True GrassCity blades understand this, and they themselves try to help better the City.

    By calling out our decisions, it just reflects poorly on yourself. This is SUPERJOINT\'s forum, he pays for it out of his pocket, yet you talk like you have the right to post here and call decisions the mod team makes into question.

    One more thing, it is best to keep opinions you have about certain members, ESPECIALLY when negative, to private messages, that is what they are there for.
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