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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by noledge18720, Feb 23, 2006.

  1. Im looking to start growing in the corner of my closet. I had a large box laying around that when put right it closes off a large section of my closet. Now I know most stealth boxes have a top because they are stealth but I dont have to be. There is a perfect spot to raise and lower my lights right above the spot but the thing would be that I wouldn't have a top panel on my box. If I leave the top open do I not need an exhaust fan at the top since it is open? I know I would probally need holes at the bottom to get new air in, but should I think about putting a fan that blows fresh air in down there? Im just worried about getting fresh air to my plants. Thanks in advance
  2. Will the air be able to circulate outside the closet w/o a fan? If so, you may only need a fan if it gets over 80F inside the grow.
  3. yea my apartment is one huge room with like 20foot ceilings and huge windows. I have no problem with air circulation. So I figure if I had the holes at the bottom to bring in air and fan inside moving the air around..that I should be straight with it just venting out the top since its open. Am i correct?
  4. You must live in the city in an old building, because they don't make rooms with 20' ceilings anymore! Sounds like a cool spot.

    You'll have to see for yourself if it gets too hot w/o the exhaust fan. Start w/o it. If it stays under 80F, you probably won't need it.... Will, this will be a light-proof box when you're done?

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