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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by xplicitcontent, Apr 29, 2004.

  1. alrite, ive checked a few guides and couldn't find the answer to this question. can i use just a plain ol' lightbulb like the one in my closet. im figuring the answer is no since i couldnt even find it, probably because of the light spectrum or somthin. if thats the case, will i be able to plug in a form of hid lighting into the standard light socket.
  2. well i dont really know, but i would say no because regular light bulbs make a lot of heat, and cant like enough heat kill the plant? i dunno, but thats my opion
  3. HIGH All, no....but you can use those Compact Fluorescent Lights that screw into a regular socket.
  4. Yeah, you never want to put a hid into a normal socket.... but compact floros are perfect for them.

    If you're handy with tools and whatnot and on a budget, check out

    They've got build your own ballast kits and the such.... just throwing out an idea for ya
  5. so would i just be able to use floros for the whole vegetive and flowering stage because im broke and cant afford to buy the lighting.
  6. Yup floros all the way through would be alright.'s message board has a hole forum decidicated to floro growers, you might wanna check that out.

    Stay away from incandesecents and stuff like that. Floro, metal halide, or high pressure sodium is what you need. Or you could leave it up to the ole' metal halide up above.

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