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  1. Hi, i have a room in a apartment since i am college. there are 2 closets and all my clothes fit in the one so guess what the other one i am hoping will be :) . I measured the clost and it goes 2' deep and is 3' wide and 5 ft. to where i would hang the light. I need to know how many plants i can plan on growing in this space, and what light should i use? It's already painted white inside, but there is carpeting on the floor of it so what do you think i could lay down to prevent messing up the carpet? I am going to grow during the winter and we don't use the heat so do you think the temperatures will get out of desired range? i am in california. thanks i can't wait to start growing some little babies of my own. please respond back with any thoughts/ideas/opinons/sarcasm/hate on this as this is my first time growing.
  2. anybody? i really need some guidance here....
  3. hey im no expert and have recently started my first grow....but i have a box that is 2x2x5 feet high and have a 400 watt HPS and damn it was gettin so hot i have like a million vents and one exhaust fan and it is still a pretty high temp....but i heard that a 400 watt hps is better for areas just over or 1 metre squared while less a 250 watt hps....i guess your grow will be better with a 400 hps but it will be difficult to keep the temp down (but as you are growing in winter u mite be alright) or use the 250 hps and ventilation shoudl be easy to sort out....
    also i foudn it difficult to get an inexpensive quiet ventilation butim in NZ so it mite be diff in the US.....

    not sure how many plants you will be bale to have im hoping to get bout 3 or 4 in mine so you shoudl be able to get a couple more in???

    Hope this is some help....
  4. A 250W HPS will do, you will also need to paint the interior walls with a white paint gloss, internal fan and vent, you can grow one plant to full maturity, but probably better to grow five in that area and from germination to harvest should be no longer than three months. (4 wks veg, 8/9 wks flower).
    But your going to have to deal with the smell......that i think may be your real problem.
    good luck.
  5. the smell won't bother me at all. How could i set up a vent and fan in it?
  6. simple and cheap way, make a hole/holes at the bottom, in front of these on the inside place an oscillating fan (the power cord passes through the hole) then at the top another hole with some rigid pvc tubing or some pvc venting duct to an outside window/wall.
  7. are there any special grow guides for this type of growing?
  8. give me your e-mail address and i will mail you a grow guide FOC!...ok
  9. In a growing guide i bought it said to have light proof vents at the top and botton to get an air flow. If your gonna get an extractor fan it might be a good idea to get a carbon filter to get rid of the smell or just burn smeg loads of Incense. That and the area adds up to 10 square feet (Im not too good at maths so feel free to have a go), so with a 400w bulb it means theres gonna be 40w per square foot which its plenty , 5 plants is about rite for that size.
    The golden words of 'Golden Harvest'.
    Luv Spiky
  10. Im a fool u have like 30sq feet
  11. u need about 50 watts per square feet so u would want to us half that space or it will be varry pricey on u
  12. email

    I am still not really clear on ventilation, and i can't put any holes or anything in the closet.Could i just open the door for a couple hours each day and just keep a fan going when i am not here? would that be sufficient?
  13. Well if u wanted to be a bit rowdy you could do it anyway and risk checks. Or you could buy a new door to fit the required things onto and then replace it when it comes to checks. Another avenue to look into is to put the holes into the side.
    The reason why you need good ventilation is so the plants can remove thier poisons.
    The reason why you put vents in the top and bottom is so that when the lights heat the air the air rises and is lost through the top while cooler air is drawn in through the bottom. Get yourself a copy of 'Golden Harvest' tis quite good.
  14. Also, where can i go to buy a 250w hps grow light? I went to my local hardware store and they looked at me like i was on crack. Do i have to order one from somewhere? I would really prefer just going into a store and buying one.
  15. "Also, where can i go to buy a 250w hps grow light? I went to my local hardware store and they looked at me like i was on crack"

    LOL me too, my friend (whose house we're using) and I went to Home Depot to get those lights and it occured to me that we looked like complete crackheads. They did have them at Home Depot, but you still need the fixture (which fortunately, we discovered, a friend of ours has).

    Still, I have a question; how much will this add to his electricity bill per month? Is there a huge difference between, 250, 300, and 400?
  16. you should get Closet Cultivator by ed rosenthal. I got my copy at It has mostly the same stuff as the growguides on the internet but its worth the $8 to get it in a bound book format.

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