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  1. I have a closet that is aprox 6W x 6T x 2D i plan on growing 4 large plants with adequate space between each unit. I purchased a WaterFarm bucket and plan on making the other 3 my own custom bubble bucket design. im gonna set up all 4 buckets to be interconnected and share water. im gonna put a float inside one of them. and have a reservoir set up so when the level gets low it fills them back up. so i can mix my reservoir to the proper nute and ph level, and the plants will drink as needed. im gonna set up a carbon filter with an exhaust fan. but Im still unsure about which lights to use, i know hps is for veg, and the mh is for flowering. but im either gonna go with something like this:

    but im pretty sure id need a balast. for ^^ that one right?

    or this:

    i just cant decide.......
  2. Wow, sounds too good to be true lol. I'm gonna look around on them, am a n00b with this stuff. Anyone use them?
  3. but Im still unsure about which lights to use, i know hps is for veg, and the mh is for flowering. quote]

    No thats wrong....

    HPS is for flowering
    MH is for Veg.

    You can use a HPS for the whole grow both Veg/Flower
    but you can't use a MH for the whole grow, only Veg.

    SO if your planning on one light i would go for the second link you had being the MH/HPS system. in 400 or 600 Watt system depending on you venting. probably the 400W

    and the Fluro's you had as the first link don't need ballast. but they are only good for veg stage anyways.
  4. is it redundant to use a 400w mh/hps AND a some fluro's? or is it true that there is no such thing as too much light?
  5. The T5 Lights work great man. You will need about 4 of them and great thing is they are cheap. Use the blue spectrum lights for veg. and during flowering use the red spectrum or use combonation of the both for flowering depending if you want your plants to strech during flowering.

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