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  1. is it ok to use a 24 in. flourescent black light , or should i get a white light ?? this is my first time growing indoors and that's the only flourescent light i have......... jw, may be a dumb question but idk

  2. the blacklight isnt going to work. Get some flourecent tubes or CFL's. How much money do you have to work with?

    I run a 4' 4bulb HO t5 fixture and it does great. I vegged my girls under it and they grew fast and stayed bushy.

    If you cant afford one then go with a bunch of CFLs.

    2700k for flowering
    6500k for vegging

    how many plants are you wanting to run. Give us some more info and we can help you out more.
  3. yeah that's what i figured but right now im just doin 2 -3 plants til i get the hang of it plus i cant be smelling up the place...ive grown outside before but its starting to get cold and that's no good, i have enough $ for flourescent too

  4. If your worried about smell then you need to re-think growing inside. The plants will smell up your house. look at all the Do It Yourself threads in the growroom section and you will find cheap carbon scrubbers for the smell.
  5. Or you could go with the 24" 2 bulb HO T5s and add them as your plants grow and you can afford it... T5 HOs are really really nice for closet grows... any grow really...


  6. Yeah i vegged my big moma out to about 24" under the t5. you can run them so close to the canopy, I dont think i would ever use a MH. I love my t5's.

    The smaller ones are awesome. if i ever do a clone/seedling box im going to run a 24" HOt5.
  7. ya i need to get on that carbon scrubber but i think im going with the 24 in flourescents about how much will the carbon filter be
  8. Depending on your budget.... why not try an eco light .. great for closet grow inho.

    ecopixie xxx
  9. could u use the t5s in a micro grow pc case and if so how could you ?
  10. hello you guys, i have an urgant couple of questions!!!
    1. is it possible to use a halogen floodlight (200-400w) for the whole process (veg, flowering ect.).
    2. do the hps, nl or CFL lights make any noise when they are on? (specifically 400w hps/nl)
    3. will a 400w hps be enough for 4 small (45cm) plants??

    i would loooove an answer you guys

    peace and pot and happy growing [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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  11. neone

  12. Depends how much room you have... Smallest T5s I've seen is 23"... And how... just get a fixture with a balast and some T5 tubes... Either use the fixture as is or modify it to meet your needs...


  13. 1. No
    2. The balast may hum a bit...
    3. Yes

  14. dude, you could use regular flors's from home depot. or walmart. all you need is 4 24 inch bulbs. 2 day light and two warm light the provide both the bleu and red specturm you need. i use the 4 foot long shope lights with 2 bulbs each a total of two light set ups. my temp stays between 70 and 75 degrees and i run my vent fan and lights for 24 hours. keep the lights about 2 inches from the top of the plants. raise them 2 inches everyday and you will be fine
  15. Hey smokin,

    What kind of fixture/ballast do you use for your floros?

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