Closet Grow Questions.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by KYFMS, Sep 14, 2007.

  1. I have grown before in a closet then to Balcony but this was just to get the plants big enough to go outside. I was wondering what watt of light to use. I think I am going to have 5 plants. I was told not to use a 1000watt because I will burn my closet down and plants. Any tips for me would be great.

    Also if there is any good Hydro kits online please link me. Again im looking to grow about 5 plants. Most likely from clone.
  2. i have heard from other more experienced growers on here that you should have at least 100 watts a plant. if you are going to have 5 plants, i would suggest a 600 watt HPS. it won't be as hot as the 1000 watt. even with the 600 watt, you might want to think about a cool tube and definitely some good ventilation. that's about the limit of my knowledge. hope it helps!
  3. Thanks alot. I heard that you can get hps bulbs from pay phones. Besides that I will look into that this weekend.
  4. You won't burn your closet down with a 1000 watt light either, or your plants if you have it the correct distance away from the plants.

    And NO, you cant get a HPS light from a pay phone fool. Those are halogen lights that will burn your closet down. You're just begging to get caught if you try to jack a light.

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